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Having spent most of the last year with little or no income at all, (not counting all the debt acquired and  hardly paid) right now, I can’t help but feel (slightly) good that things are starting to go back on track.

However, relapses of my previous workaholism keep showing up. Three days of serious work was imediately followed by three days afffected with Flu. ROFL.

Right now, I’m feling lazy-ish. But at least this new project ought to provide well.

What tomorrow brings, I don’t know for certain. If they give me more contracts paying the same or better, I should be happy. But deep down inside, I’ve come to hate this line of work which I so loved way back then.

Maybe if they pay well enough, I could even consider working while on a hospital bed. >.<

JK. lol.

But it does suck that after all the efforts to get things started once more was originally intended for me to go back into RO…. then when I finally get a laptop and a working net, I’m too busy to even log in.

Sux to be me… but at least I’m not as hungry as I was a year ago.


I thought up some stuff to cover up on my Promise and here’s the list:

  1. You’re more comfortable at the office than at home. In most cases, workaholics tend to adopt the office as home or at least second home. In my case, I used to refer to the office as “Barracks”. There was a time when I could sleep better at the office than in my room back at the old house.
  2. You feel better when working and feel really empty when not. I used to feel alive only when working. When I’m at home, all I did was pass the time with my PS2. Work became my sole purpose in life and it leg to my destruction by wanting nothing else.
  3. You sacrifice sleep just to finish work. You heard that right. “Why sleep when you could accomplish tonight what others cannot?” This mind-set caused me heap-loads of trouble. My Bosses noticed I was able to accomplish more than the average Joe (but I was rather thinking that “The earlier I get this done, the more time I’ll have to relax”.) so they gave more and more paperwork for me expecting everything to be done by morning the next day. Talk about abuse.
  4. You skip lunch just to finish work. Now, this should never be done. You get starved more so you tend to eat more by the next meal. Really suicidal if you ask me. At least I don’t do this anymore. I just eat whenever I’m hungry.
  5. You can work while drinking. “Workaholic” used to describe individuals who work while drinking or those who are more effective at work as long as there’s alcohol in the blood stream. But later on, they generally considered that Alcoholism. I’m still a bit guilty about this but there’s real progress. Back then, I could work faster when there is a good amount of alcohol in my blood. Now, whenever I’m drinking while working, I get sleepy so I avoid it.
  6. You work even at night especially at home. Yeah, I used to do this too, But now, I work at home all the time and I usually work at night and sleep all day but that’s a different case. Most workaholics would rather take their work home and finish it. One of my laid back former Bosses told me that weekends are meant to be spent on Sidelines, Family, Second Family, Third Family and so on. This helped me much… No, I only have one family right now and I’m not thinking about having a third family. J
  7. In extreme cases, your health suffers because lack of exercise due to too much work. Too much into work and not even standing or getting enough fun? You might end up like me. Half-crippled. Capish?
  8. Even when at home, all you think or talk about is work. Now, this is so sad. But this started since my Mom is in the same line of work as I am. Now, I feel bad everytime someone mentions work while I’m at home.
  9. In extremely sad cases, the individual suffering from this neglects family because all he wants to do is work. For men, being too much into the game means very much that sometimes we forget the more important part of our lives. Our family. If you’re married, your wife might end up getting a beau to fill in the gap. For women, competition is so tough that sometimes, even looking for a mate is neglected. Try to pamper yourself. Go to a spa (and no, you can’t bring that laptop while getting a pedicure.) If already married, especially if with kids, well, the kids need a mom to look up to.(This wasn’t a problem with me. The problem was that I had to grow up being kicked around by my Perfectionist yet flawed Dad. Now, my Mom feels sorry that she had to miss much of my early years because she was often on field. I didn’t mind but with all the chaos happening around my life at the moment, I think she feels responsible and tries to make up but don’t exactly know how. By the way, my Mom is also a workaholic.) The male might end up like my Dad. Insecure because his wife got a better job. (He didn’t have a job by the way but he wanted my Mom to quit. What an @$$hole.)
  10. (Why does this also have to end with ten?) You keep dreaming of that fantasy vacation even if you’re not actually making plans. Yeah, that beach vacation sounds grand but there are still lots of work to be done and you can’t just sit idly by nor go on vacation because you can only rest when all the work is over… Well, I got a news flash for you: It never ends! No matter how hard you push, you only end up with more work. Make that plan, talk to your travel agent. You probably have all the necessary leave credits anyway so your Boss can’t stop you. . . What, you don’t have leave credits? That’s just sad… Uh huh, so you don’t earn leave credits? Is this company legal? Oh, you’re just a contractual worker. Ever heard of “Leave without pay”? You’ll earn it back. Trust me. It’s better to unwind every now and then than to end up like me… On permanent Vacation.

So, there you go. My Ten Ways to Tell if your life sucks just like mine. Lol! Anyway, if this list still doesn’t convince you, just listen to the words of my Sensei: “Word hard? Party Harder!”

Oh, and be careful not to get too $h!t-faced drunk while partying.

Yep, you heard that right. I’m suffering from old age at such an early age.

No, seriously, I am suffering from old age.

Maybe it’s because of all those years of pure workaholism. All those sleepless nights slaving in front of the LCD Monitor, editing documents, drafting layouts, formatting then reformatting draft reports, Then second draft reports. Then the third draft, the fourth, the Final draft. The Final Final Draft, the Final Final Final Draft. The Final Final Final Final Draft, then the Final Report.

If that wasn’t enough, There had to be a Final Final Report. But let me skip the long and boring part because it gets up to the Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Report.

And don’t even get me started about the revisions incorporating the client’s comments. Then there would have to be 1st Revision, 2nd, 3rd, …. …. …. …. It goes on and on.

Then the part I really hate is when it gets to the Final Versions. Of course, I know you know that I’m thinking by now that I think you’re thinking that I know you know that there had to be a Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Version of the Report.

And that’s just for one Report for one Project. Imagine being assigned to handle three at the same time. XD

Geez, this looks like one of my shortest posts so far but I feel most tired after writing this as compared to other posts I made. But at least now I know you know that I think you do know that I’m really suffering from old age.



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