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Just as things were starting to look up, something like this had to happen.

As if the Family name hasn’t been tainted enough, here comes a new @$$h0l3 to ruin the Family name to the worst extent possible. I don’t wanna ask how things could get worse since I don’t really want to see that happening.

This is a petition to all those who share the common Family name. Please, just consider not dealing further ruin to our name. Let’s try to be more responsible about what we think and do. The rest of us just wants to keep living in our decent ways. If you want to make idiots out of yourselves, don’t drag us down with you.

Imagine how many kids there are in Public Schools sharing the same name we use. Starting tomorrow, these kids will be branded “killer” with full intent of mockery. How is that doing any good? By my experience, I become what they call me or how they treat me. If they’ve been treating me like a monster, I’ll become a monster so they get what they’re wishing for. If the kid is weak, he might consider living under a rock or something.

To the ones lucky enough not to share the same name, I ask of you this simple favour. Please understand that the recent actions were carried out by just one Mendoza. Other people sharing the same Family name are most probably not even remotely related. Some might be very distantly related but that’s that.

Please do not incorporate anyone else to the crime. I know that from this day forth, whenever you hear or read the familiar Family Name, you will remember the horror that was last night. But please consider this.

We are all people. Of flesh and blood. Names are just labels. Don’t be a D!ck.