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Having spent most of my mental blocks playing RO, I have turned to become a ful-time RO Gamer. . . Until my hardware went KABOOM.

Then I realized I have REALLY neglected this blog.

So, in an effort to reunite my two passions in life, I worked out this ad exchange scheme. We all know extra ad spaces are valuable and we have been exchanging Blogrolls ever since. This time, we could maybe exchange ads with an RO Server.

How does this work:

To make it plain and simple, we’d have to first make an ad in the form of a loading screen (Those pictures we see in loading sequences i.e. whenever we move to another map). Then we review of this certain RO server. Ideally, it should be a decent review. Not some one liner “It’s a good RO server! TRY IT!” kinda thing. Once the Blog post has been verified, they’d insert our loading screen Blog Ads into their loading screen cycles.

Honestly, seeing the same set of loading screens could get boring especially if in cases like mine where I had to endure slow Net conditions constantly. Loading screens could take forever and something new to look at would definitely be welcome.

Details about it are still to be discussed in detail.

Please post your comments and/or suggestions. Or better yet, take a look at their forums at


I’d like to thank all those who looked into my post entitled “Dog Goes the Neighborhood”. Right now, it is my most viewed post. The more who knows about it, the better.

I’m planning on uploading some new (old) content soon.

As Ms. Khaye insisted, I will write about my past misadventures… err.. experiences.

Hope I could refresh my memory in time. Hehehe.

Of all the… C’mon, this can’t be real. The contract sez I get to work at home.


Anyway, I’ll be working in the office now until tomorrow. Maybe even until Monday. I just hope it doesn’t get extended until Friday or else. Hehehe.


To top it all off, my employer keeps forgetting about my slary!!! Arghh.

Hehe. But at least I get to linger around the city after each work day. . . But by then, my feet would already be hurting like hell.

We’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

Yep, you heard that right. I’m suffering from old age at such an early age.

No, seriously, I am suffering from old age.

Maybe it’s because of all those years of pure workaholism. All those sleepless nights slaving in front of the LCD Monitor, editing documents, drafting layouts, formatting then reformatting draft reports, Then second draft reports. Then the third draft, the fourth, the Final draft. The Final Final Draft, the Final Final Final Draft. The Final Final Final Final Draft, then the Final Report.

If that wasn’t enough, There had to be a Final Final Report. But let me skip the long and boring part because it gets up to the Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Report.

And don’t even get me started about the revisions incorporating the client’s comments. Then there would have to be 1st Revision, 2nd, 3rd, …. …. …. …. It goes on and on.

Then the part I really hate is when it gets to the Final Versions. Of course, I know you know that I’m thinking by now that I think you’re thinking that I know you know that there had to be a Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Final Version of the Report.

And that’s just for one Report for one Project. Imagine being assigned to handle three at the same time. XD

Geez, this looks like one of my shortest posts so far but I feel most tired after writing this as compared to other posts I made. But at least now I know you know that I think you do know that I’m really suffering from old age.



Next Attraction: HATE BEING A WORKAHOLIC? A GUIDE HOW TO GET OUT. (of the sickness)

Still trying to figure out: HOW TO RESUME WORK AFTER GETTING OUT

Watch out for these Hot Titles. ^^^


I had it all. Had it all then I lost it…


But then again, it felt like was Destiny. I was holding it back so it came for me.


Early April, year 2010. A man was walking down the streets of Cubao. Probably headed to the nearest Bus Stop. It was around 0230H so he was probably headed home. He was definitely drunk. Stank of beer. He had a cane. Was limping while walking. Was too young to be carrying a cane. I dunno… He looked really old as he walked out in the dark. Old and helpless.

Judging by the location, the time and the circumstances, he must’ve been out drinking at one of the clubs located in the area.

Suddenly, a man started towards him. Assisting him. All I can hear is the man thanking the good Samaritan. At one point, the Samaritan carried him. Reason has to tell me the man was heavy as the guy trying to help was huffing with all he’s got… then collapses in front of a closed diner not very far from where they started.

The guy with a cane was clearly disoriented from the fall. He couldn’t barely move. The next moment, he was twisting in pain on what must’ve been a twisted ankle since he was reaching for it like trying to massage it. Soothe the pain out. The good Samaritan then proceeded to administer the massage. He clearly was inexperienced. He was twisting the foot. I can only imagine the pain the other guy was feeling. I can see it in his face. Too much pain that he tried helplessly to stop the Samaritan from twisting his ankle doing more damage than what was already done. I can’t blame him. He was just trying to help.

I think this has the Samaritan irritated. I notice him try to snap the foot as if he wanted to do more damage and break it in half. There was a smile in his face as he momentarily clenched his teeth. Then he stood up and settled to sit down beside the crippled bloke.

I find it hard to imagine he was still thanking the Samaritan after all the damage. Maybe he’s more drunk than I thought.

It sent a tingle down my spine. Somehow I can feel something bad is gonna happen to the sad bloke. If only I could intervene. I could take this guy easily. But it wasn’t my part to intervene. I had to let it go. I was just an observer.

All of a sudden, the cripple became a chatterbox as the Samaritan, still huffing and tired from all the lifting, just grinned back. I couldn’t make out all the words but there was a mention of “home” and his “wife”. He must’ve wanted nothing else but to go home. Then he was as if he was going to adopt the Samaritan. I wasn’t really sure what he meant with all the words coming out all blurted but it sounded that way. The other guy, instead just kept grinning.

It was as if the cripple was paying gratitude to the Samaritan for trying to help out.

The Samaritan finally broke his silence. Asked the poor sod where he was headed. “Home” was the only words he replied that made sense… Then the talk about adopting him started again.

I see the cripple going for his wallet. It was a designer wallet that was partly torn with age. The owner was obviously not someone of fashionable taste so it must’ve been a gift. There was a lion design. Probably from one of the local clothing brands. It didn’t feel cheap to eye so it must be. One side of it was already starting to fall apart bit by bit. Must’ve been a very old wallet. Old and crippled.

The poor sod showed the Samaritan the picture of his wife clearly embedded in one of the wallet’s compartments. The Samaritan then grabs the wallet and goes for a closer look at the pic. Smiles then as if teasing the cripple, shoves lightly as if saying “you lucky sonova…” then puts the wallet into his back pocket.

The cripple, realizing this, tries to get it back but the Samaritan would shove his hand aside then grins as if teasing him. Knowing he can’t get it back, and trusting that the Samaritan was only teasing, he says “Fine, you hold on to it for me to make sure I don’t lose it on our way home. I’m really drunk.”

He gets a pack of cigarettes out and took out the last remaining two sticks. Offered one to the Samaritan then lights it. Then he hands the lighter to the Samaritan who then puts it in his pocket.

Its as if he realizes that he’s not in the condition to make it home so he gets his phone from his pocket as if trying to call home only to see and remember that he ran out of batteries earlier on. It was a new model. I couldn’t make out the exact model but it was one of those new sliding qwerty touch screen type. It was definitely new.

The Samaritan was amazed upon seeing this and grabs it like a child then starts fondling it. Looking at it. Admiring it. The Cripple was proud of it and boasted on some of its features. Then when he tries to get it back, the Samaritan puts it in his pocket.

After a few moments, the Samaritan stood up, signalled to his friends who appeared suddenly out of the dark then took the samaritan’s bag and other belongings. Searched his pockets then went into the alleys as if nothing happened.

The cripple was left alone. Helpless. He tried to stand up only to find that he can’t stand up. His foot was broken. Collapses to the ground then mutters “Damn, I’ve been mugged. Damn you. Damn you All!” then he loses all consciousness not knowing nor caring what the morrow held.