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Category Archives: The Night Life

There are times when I get too bored to do anything that I just stay in my hole and rot in there while trying to pass time playing “The Sims 3”. On the occasional, I get the seldom visit from friends and wife’s family. Last night, my brother in law stopped by for a drink. I suggested we go out (since I’ve been holed up for too long) but he opted to drink at my home instead.

Since I knew his alcohol tolerance level is way lower than mine and since he insisted in drinking something hard, I had my wife buy me a bottle of GSM Blue. I had some tequila whiskey and vodka in reserve but I think it’d be too strong for him at 80 to 90 proof. I got surprised when I noticed the GSM Blue was only 65 proof.

I was doomed. I can’t drink and not get my fix or else I might end up sleepless and I might do stupid stuff like what happened many times before. My wife knew about this so I warned her that if it happened, I’d have to get my fix somewhere else. She knew my drinking habits so she agreed.

We drank until about 11pm while watching “Kickass” on the lappy and I could tell my brother in law was having a blast. But I also noticed he was at his drinking limit so I didn’t force him to drink. He still had to go home and it is a long ride. Then there were the usual goodbyes and he was off.

I suited up in my old Bench rags and a simple black demin shorts. I can’t be over-dressed since I may look wealthier than how poor I actually am. It’s quite easy for them to make the mistake of thinking me rich since I am fat. It sucks but there are times when I could use it as leverage. There are some small, hole in the ground kinda clubs where I have been given special treatment just because they think I’m rich. Well, maybe because I don’t seem to care how much beer I drink while the other usual clients count bottles as if they were rationed. Can’t blame them though.

I know how I drink so if I don’t have enough money, I won’t.

Last nght, I was in kind of a tight leash since my employer still hasn’t learned how to pay up. If she wasn’t a close family friend, I wouldn’t stick around for this cr@p. Anyway, that is life and I am still optimistic about it. It has been almost two months without pay but when she gets the project funds, I might get two month’s wages in one blow. Either that or she’ll still pay up in installments. Lol!

And since it has been ages since I last had any decent fun, I had to enjoy the rest of the night. I gotta get my fill. I had 700 pesos in my wallet, such a shameful pocket litter, but I was already half way towards getting my fill. We already downed a 700 ml bottle of GSM Blue so it wouldn’t take the usual amount of beer.

I went to Celebrity 3000 AKA C3. It has been a symbolic establishment in Bulacan. I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t gone there before. Any guy who grows up around these parts have at least gone there once or twice. Maybe I was just too busy while I was still regularly employed.

When I got there, I was greeted by the door man. Was that the door man or was that an FM who was waiting for clients? Anyway, he was friendly enough. There was a large parking space up front but there were no parked cars. I could tell the sound-proofing was good since I can’t hear the music outside. The place seems discreet enough.

When I got through the discreet door, I can’t keep but noticing the dancer on stage. She was a cute one and I love what she was wearing. It was some kinda net which didn’t cover her whole young and hot curved and all. I can’t keep myself from hoping she wasn’t too young but I was quite convinced she’s just young enough. J

I could easily tell she was a crowd favourite. This was the first time I saw a cigarette show and the ice cubes made me wanna buy a lapdance. Lol! If only I had more funds. She’s a real killer. She was the one who did the most lapdances or rather she was the one most requested for. Pity I forgot to ask for her name. Silly me.

The crowd seems to prefer the tables near the stage so all stage side tables were already occupied. I had to settle for a table at the back. Immediately as I sat down, the waiter asked me if I wanted to pair up with a hottie. I declined. I didn’t have the money nor the intention to partner up with anybody last night. I just wanted to drink.

The first bottle of beer was 140 plus a table charge of 40 for the whole stay. Every succeeding bottle was 40. I ordered my first bottle of SMB. I looked around and was relieved since I didn’t see a bottle of San Mig Lights. I instantly knew that their usual clientele were real drinkers and not wannabes. I found my new home. Lol! Plus the fact that they played lots of Heavy Metal added to the bliss of the experience. I was drinking alone but I was having a blast.

A few moments later, after the first girl finished her routine, a friendly FM named “BEN BISAYA” approached me and asked if I wanted to partner with that girl I was all eyes for. I had to decline and tell him that I only have funds for beer last night. I told him, with all honesty, that I wouldn’t want to order something I can’t pay for. He understood but I can see he’s friendly enough so I started asking him for further details. I learned that the LD would cost 320 and a lap dance involved a glass of LD which was worth 150. But I tell ya, it’ll be well worth it. 😀

After my first bottle, I ordered four more after summing up the numbers in my head. The waiter was enthusiastic enough to bring me my beer. Sadly, the second order wasn’t as cold as the first so I had to ice up instead of drinking from the bottle as I usually did. It wasn’t really a bother since they had lots of ice.

The other angels were quite lookers too and the best part is that I never saw anyone wearing under-sized bikini bottoms. They were usually well endowed and cute as cute. Pretty as pretties and hot as hell. I really did find my new hang-out. I just hope the cash flow would kick in so I could resume the rest of my life. Lol! I proved to myself I really did need to unwind every now and then.

I felt I almost had my fill so I ordered my last two bottles and asked for my bill. Our dear friend Ben Bisaya went over in a last attempt to ask if I wanted to partner with an angel. Still I refused but gave him a small tip which was all I could afford at the moment but it was heartily accepted and appreciated. Then I remembered my sworn oath to MTC and asked him if there were MTC members visiting there. He seemed to not have heard of it so I tried to explain what it was. Before I left, I had him agree to take good care of anyone from MTC as long as they ask for him. So, if you’re from MTC, you know the drill. Hehehe.

Pity I can’t be as active as I used to be. I could tell this is a place worth investing reputation for. Surely I’ll be go back there again. Hopefully soon.