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This just in, there is a new virus which may have been circulating around Facebook. I’m not sure about the severity of the case but right now, I feel relieved that I have installed KIS 2011. The proactive defense blocked and denied it even before I downloaded.

It would’ve really fooled me otherwise.

It was a post from my all-time favorite Camfrog Showgirl (Not saying whom, lol.) I’ll not go into the sketchy details to save all of you from all the technical info. It was a downloadable file attached which had a .scr suffix. I remembered .scr files were usually screensavers but this one was some kinda virus.

Of course, it could be a false positive but hey, better safe than sorry. ^_^


I just thought I’d post something about this.

A few people’s Yahoo accounts are suffering from this. It starts out as a link to a certain site sent by e-mail from one of your friends. I forgot the exact site since I deleted it at first sight. It’s a blank e-mail with nothing else but the link.

No matter what you do, do not click on the link.

A friend of mine whom I got the email from has just informed me that her Yahoo account can’t be accessed.

So, I think the virus replaces your password then sends those e-mails to everyone on the Address Book.

Just a heads up.


And on another note. It seems there is at least a fraud or a group of frauds circulating some messages on facebook. They will inform you that you have a common family name with one of his clients who recently died and would like you to be the one to claim all of his wealth provided that you two split the proceeds.

This one is a long con. They try to make you believe that they are really asking from you some important details and documents. And whenever you reply, they reply back.

The good thing is, they are too stupid to even manually compose the replies. The messages they reply with are pre created and are released in a series. Like they send you Message A, then you reply and they send you Message B. Then another reply from you then they send you Message C which requires an attachment with your Signature, claim to the dead man’s property, etc. Then they send message D.

What I did was I tried to play along just for fun and surprisingly, when I told them the family name on my facebook profile wasn’t my real family name, they still kept sending the replies. Lol. And yeah, I was asking questions he won’t answer. So, at first, it was fun, but later on, it got boring. It was like talking to a vending machine.

I’ll try to remember to get those messages and then maybe I can post them here. Let’s compare replies. Lol.


There is one basic thing that should be remembered when dealing with E-mail miracles… If it’s too god to be true, it ain’t.

Ayt, here’s something to piss some people off. Hehehe.

I’m browsing the net and I saw this ad:

(I would like to state and clarify that this is a sham. I’m only posting the ad and the link in the ad just so I won’t look like making things up. XD I suggest that if you are easily swayed, you keep your mouse pointer away from the pic but if you get what I mean, then I think it’s ok to click on it.)

Now… The first thing I noticed that the site which opened up was newsdaily7 dot com. Then I noticed that the post has been last updated today, February 21, 2011. Afterwards, reading along, I noticed that all Comments were done Yesterday, February 20, 2011 from 6:53 AM to 9:43 PM but making sure there is a random amount of time in between posts but making sure there is a post within every hour between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Yep, they could be considered good by some but not by me. Could it be a little less obvious? (RAGE MODE!!!) And why do they have to say that Google is behind this? Credibility? Please… Google has been helping countless people by the second around the world for free and you guys try to “use” that credibility and you think you’re smart?

Oh, please do promise me that the next time you try to do something like this, you make a better way of fooling people into doing stuff for you. (Like giving you their money or at least some credit card details.

On another note, why does the Ad Companies approve such ads? Is it just because they pay good? Or is it because they get to play a part in shitting on Google’s face without being fully liable since it was a customer who posted the ad?


Anyway, the best lesson when it comes to earning money online: “If it’s too good to be true, it ain’t.

From the day we were born, we rarely put ourselves in others’ shoes. There are those who are fortunate enough to receive the gift of good health even up to ages past 60. Some say blessedness. Some say they’re just lucky.

I encountered my medical condition at an early age. Being Half-Crippled at one time and fully able at another is really a hard task to live with. I had to have a condition wherein I can’t even stand for a whole month for me to fully understand what it was like to be a real cripple and I was lucky enough to have gradually recovered although I still can’t run.

It amuses me every time people gawk at me in awe whenever I buy gas or water from the store foot brace attached. (Like as if they couldn’t lift the same weight? They’re just too lazy. That’s the point.)

I don’t think they’d believe I can’t run.

But that’s my point. It’s not how hard it is for you to get up but the fact that you can get up. Rejoice to the fact that you’re not disabled in any way. Even if you are partially disabled, there’s always a worse case.

This is what happened when I first saw her Blog. TACK (AKA KCAT) is someone worse off than me. I can say in full honesty that I am intentionally avoiding her blog at all costs. It’s part of my medical condition. The next time I cry may be the last. I had my heart removed for that purpose but there’s something in her that makes my eyes watery and then makes my chest hurt badly. I just had to avoid her blog after that. I love my life.

But don’t take it too seriously. It’s not that bad. Lol! (And if you’re interested, she’s on my Blogroll… I think.)

To imagine someone in her condition still fighting and supporting other people with medical conditions like hers and other cases unsimilar, that’s gotta take real spirit. She has been a beacon of light to those in her Blogroll.

Anyway, here’s my chance to help. I’ve no money to help her with her medication and all and I’m in a bit of a rough financial season (Yeah, my employer still sucks at paying up.) so I thought this would be the best way I can help her without actually spending anything. Lol!

If you have a heart, follow this link and vote for TACK. And I give you my sincere thanks for your time and for helping us out.

If you don’t have a heart, follow this link and vote for KCAT. You only need to vote once and I ain’t asking for money so VOTE!

And don’t give me the excuse of not being able vote because it’s too hard to figure out. Blogging and Facebook is even harder to figure out but you’re probably an expert already..

(Note: Pun intended only to those who refuse to vote. Nyahaha! I was not the one who nominated her so I am not in any way gonna earn any money by joining this campaign. I’m just helping. All prize money to be won by KCAT goes to KCAT.)

If you have recently bought a brand new or almost brand new car at an unbelievably low price…

Or if someone recently pawned (sangla) you a car at a very low price…

Please check if you have the original OR/CR with you…

There is a syndicate operating with the following MODUS OPERANDI.

1. They acquire cars from investors luring them to think that they will be paid between 2500-5000 per day and that their cars would be used as hotel service..

2. Instead of having the cars rented, they pawn the cars at very low prices with the promise of big interest or sell them at suspiciously low prices.

3. They will provide you with a forged set of documents as follows.
a. Special power of attorney give to a certain EVANGELINE PROTASIO
b. Mortgage agreement stipulating that if you are not paid within 90days, the car is yours
c. A postdated check with your interest included
d. A xerox copy of the scammers passport (EVANGELINE PROTASIO)
e. An open deed of sale for the vehicle in your possession
d. Xerox copy of the OR/CR or the VEHICLE SALES INVOICE

If you have transacted in this manner, chances are the car you may be driving right now is stolen and has already been reported as missing. a lot of people have already been arrested for anti fencing and are facing charges.

Please pass this on to your friends for they might have already been victimized by this syndicate.

You may contact any NBI office and let them know that you’re one of the victims of ms. EVANGELINE PROTASIO.

On the other hand, some of the vehicle owners are willing to give monetary rewards for the return of their vehicles and at the same time help you recover your investment from the scammers via filing of multiple estafa and carnapping cases against miss PROTASIO.

If you are a victim, you can PM kamote_1 for advice.

If you don’t believe this post, please click here..

Woman Bilks Mayor, 4 Others of 17M

She did it 2years ago and she has done it again this year.. please join our crusade to put her behind bars where she belongs or she may do it again after a couple of years.