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It was a rainy night and I had to pick up a gift from the province from a family friend. It was primarily an underweight tuna. I think the average commercial weight per piece was 15 to 20 kilos so the one I’m picking up must be around 9 kilos or more.

I was able to secure the use of the company vehicle along with the driver, my drinking buddy. We were supposed to pick the fish up from the fish Depot at Cubao at 10:00 PM but the truck got delayed and was due to arrive at around twelve.

To wait it out, we went to our usual Beer Hole near the office for a few rounds until it was time.

They have just finished unloading the goods when we got there. We received an 11Kg. tuna! Imagine the fish being carried by my buddy posing for pics. (Too bad I lost the file. I could’ve posted it otherwise.) The length was around up to his chest more or less and it was about as thick as my leg. Aside from that, we also got a bag of smaller fish. “Tuna Bait” as the fishermen of Mindoro consider them but it was delicious. When served with stock, the stock itself is enough to go with the rice. (We let my buddy have some and he shared it with the Building Guards and they were all smiles for a week. Lol!)

On our way back to the office, (since we were staying in) we felt the need for more booze. We noticed a small bar on the side of the road, with the ladies nicely seated up front, and since I owe him for the favor he just did me, I told him to pull over so we could wash all the weariness away.

He happily obliged. As a gentleman, he was more than happy to get to meet new ladies from different parts of town. I was used to the scene since I used to a Videoke Producing Company as a teen (and my first job was being a waiter in a club just like this). I wasn’t a stranger to these places. I entered first and the Gay Floor Manager (Later on, I refer to him/her as Mommy Brenda) welcomed us with a big smile, led us to a secluded table on the main dining hall then asked for our order and immediately asked us if we wanted to see their friendly ladies. She motioned for two of them and they surprisingly appeared out of nowhere, sat down beside us and started getting friendly.

My buddy, already half-drunk, as though with a sudden boost of courage, asks for a show-up. He wanted to see all the benefits the club had to offer.

Mommy Brenda, with a wisp of joy, called for the other girls and announced a show-up. The girls lined up and were introduced one by one. Sadly, the cute ones were already busy and had to entertain other customers. We were left with the lack of a choice. As the show-up ended and we were being morally forced to acquire a partner for each of us, a girl appeared from the upper floor, dressed in a hot short black pleaded skirt that boasted of her round fair legs and a black denim vest (it was a little vest. Not sure what this is actually called. Help Please. Lol.) which showed more than it hid and accentuated her fatal curves and ample bosoms.

I was trying to avoid her gaze for fear of melting. Tried to act cool. Then she went over to me, leaned her back onto me then tilted her head back to whisper to my ear. She said “I like you.” Let’s face it. I felt something deep inside me. A fire suddenly lit up, telling me something. I just had to take her as my partner for the night.

Before I got the chance to react, my buddy suddenly blurted out that he wanted her. Being a good friend, I let him have her for the night. I whispered to her telling her to entertain my friend for the mean time and I’ll be back later so we could have a chat. Being a professional that she was, she strutted to sit beside my buddy and I settled with picking one of the girls in random but I made sure the girl looked nowhere like a minor. I’m allergic to minors. Dunno why.

We resumed drinking talking to our own partners until it was too late to keep drinking. It was already 2:00 am and we still had to get some sleep. We had another day ahead of us.

As we were about to leave, I talked to her asking for her name and she told me it was Hanna. (Obviously, it was a screen name and thus, I didn’t care to change it.) I thanked her for showing my friend a good time. She replied with “You gave me away!” while she showed me a frown.

I told her I’ll explain the next time we meet and that I had to go and I’ll be back. She waved goodbye. I boarded the truck. We rode away feeling good and I felt her gaze through the metal covering us from sight.

We arrived just in time for a 2-hour nap. We immediately got to it feeling the need for even a hint of rest.

When the day came, I informed my (former) boss that I wouldn’t be staying in for the rest of the week. By the end of the shift, (the shift actually ends at 4:00 PM but my work extends more. Part of my work included buying the beer for the Consultant team after office hours and setting up the conference table for their use.) I made my way back to the club.

She was furious at first but not to the point of being angry. Maybe she didn’t really like the idea of entertaining my friend. I apologized and asked her if she was busy. She smiled. We went to a vacant table and started drinking. She “confessed” her fondness towards me after a bottle. (Standard Operating Procedure. Guest Relations Officers of these kinda clubs make you feel like they truly are in love with you. Some cases are real. Most are fake emotions. Basically, all of their regulars are their “Boyfriends”.)

Later on, she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told her I was married. She was hesitant at first but she leaned her back on me. I could smell her hair as I turned her head and started to talk. I noticed she really knew her best angles and assets. Being accustomed to the runnings of local clubs, I asked her if she really did want me. She nodded. I told her I liked her too and asked if she would like for us to try if we had some special chemistry. She cuddled up to me, closing her eyes.

I whispered to her ear and said “Look, I respect your work. I really do. I like you. You got something special in you that I want to know more about. Very few are able to excite me. I’m very picky. I got no idea what you got that others don’t have. I can’t get you off my mind ever since last night.” She turned her head as if listening intently. Then I continued saying “I respect you so I’ll respect your decision. I’m fine with being just a regular customer. I’ll be happy with just that. But I’ll have to ask: Would you please be mine?”

She tried turning her hear farther as if trying to look me in the eyes. I noticed how beautiful she was. To my surprise, my question was answered with a deep kiss. It felt good. It stirred up something deep inside me. A feeling I rarely get. I kissed back. I couldn’t help but embrace her. Feel her warmth. Then when our lips parted, I said (in bisaya) “Gihigugma taka.” (Translated: I love you. I had an ex from Mindanao and I studied up some words for that purpose. Didn’t realize I would be using them in this situation.)

She was surprised. She didn’t expect me to know her native tongue. She asked me where I came from and I told her I was born and raised in Bulacan and that I only studies some visayan phrases.

Wait, this post is getting too long and I need to catch some Zs. I gotta report to office this morning. I’ll cut it here for a cliffhanger then continue writing later. Lol!



Finally, I found a little patch of tranquility with a nice clean table that serves Cold beer. Hehe.

I can finally resume writing the rest of the post.

So, where did we stop? . . Oh, ok, that part. Lol. Here it goes:

After a few more bottles, it was getting too late so I bid my farewell, paid up, tipped the waiter and headed home. I never felt so good. Its a different feeling everytime we get a new flame into our life.

For one whole week, I came back every night. Even if she had other guests, I’d wait it out. We had an agreement that I would even avoid looking at her when she’s occupied. It was her work. I had to respect that. Whenever a girl is occupied, the customer pays for her time and chatting with other guests is a major offense to the customer. Having spent my teen years working in a club had me know that. There have been much fisticuffs which started with a customer eyeballing a girl that was already timed in. (That and the Legendary “My Way”. Lmao!) I’m very cautious of that. I could always wait it out and then time her in so she’d be focused on me.

That went on smoothly. We were night time lovers and I loved it. She’d be anticipating my arrival and I’ll be reminiscing until I sleep.

She told me she had a daughter and I told her i wanted to act surrogate. I even bought her (the daughter) gifts for various occasions. And as if that wasn’t enough, the kid had to share the same birth date as mine. (Coincidence?)

Whenever her kid would get sick, she would inform me and I would be up and running to her (financial) aid. We agreed that she would introduce mo to the kid as her real Dad. (Which obviously didn’t happen.)

On our first date outside the club, we were supposed to go alone. Just the two of us. She was hinting that she wanted to go to a cold, private place very familiar to many of us. (but not to me. Really!) I tried to keep my thoughts off that as it wasn’t in my plan to do so. If she wanted it, she had to ask for it.

To my surprise, when she went to our meeting place 3 hours late, she had with her a cousin and a gay brother, both working in the same club she was.

I had to change plans. They had to be back to the club by 6:00 PM and it was already 3:30 PM. I can’t just take her to a far away place. I decided to take them to a nearby mall to shop for some “Basic” Groceries.

It was ok with me since I’d be sure that she’d be eating right unlike before. House food for stay-ins were usually not really appetizing.

The other two went in another direction trolling along their own push cart while we pushed ours. We picked the basic stuff. Corned beef, Sardines, tuna, Luncheon Meat, soap, shampoo, etc.

I was surprised when I saw the other two. Their cart was half-way full. Then I had to overhear the gay brother saying “Hayaan mo siya magbayad. Siya naman nag offer eh.” I just kept my cool. Deep inside, I knew the faggot was taking advantage. My girl must’ve noticed this and to my relief, told her gay brother to drop off some things they didn’t really need.

In the end, my budget for a good date was depleted in a manner of minutes. Good thing it was almost time for them to go back to work. Otherwise, I’d have looked like a fool looking for more funds to entertain them.

After that disaster, I began to think depper than before. She didn’t really have to take the two along but she insisted they tagged along against her will. Being the eldest among the three, she could’ve easily shoved them off and promised to bring something to eat when she gets back. She would’ve done that if she really did consider our first real date to be special.

I had to smart-up. I lessened the frequency of my visits. I noticed she shows less and less affection for me as the days went by.

My last time to havea drink with her, it was daytime. I was an esteemed regular guest so I get to request her even at daytime. She seemed happy since I was there. She looked like she wasn’t faking it. We got liquored up and since we were the only people drinking on the second floor, we got the chance to do some things we normally can’t.

We started kissing. Then the kissing got torrid. More torrid than ever. We never made out like this before since there were still customers whenever we’d meet.

Things got heated up and I wasn’t able to keep myself from reaching for her bosoms. I started fondling with her and she seemed to like it. She gave out moans as she bit her tongue then she’d pull my head up to kiss me. Then I’d tease her by groping her ample bosoms until she arches herself backward then I’d resume kissing her cleavage giving her reason for more sighs of kept lust and worldly wishes.

I knew if only I’d have wanted, I could’ve taken her to a cozy place close by… but I didn’t. I didn’t want it. Well, yeah, I wanted it too but I knew she just wanted someone to get her pregnant so she could have leverage over that man and have her way financially without having to work in the club. I wasn’t that stupid to fall for her charms completely. Nowadays I only pretend to be in love until I find a reasonable logical proof that the girl really loves me. But I was a good actor. I just don’t know if I still am. (A different story focuses on this. Wait for that. If I forget, remind me. Hehe.)

She may have been acting it out to empty my pocket but back then, I did want someone to act as if she’s in love with me and I was willing to pay. I got what I wanted. She wanted someone to scam into getting her pregnant. She also got what she wanted but not from me. Lol!

The last conversation we had through SMS, she informed me she was going to get married. I told her I was happy for her and I wished her the best that life has to offer.

After that conversation, something piqued my interest. Its very likely that she just found a new guy who’d shell out more funds for her. Anyway, she was getting a bit long on the tooth so I didn’t mind. At least I’ll be free to scout on for new targets.

The first chance I got, I went back to the club looking for her. The Management informed me that she had a vacation. Her Gay Brother told me she was called home by her Mom and dad and that she took her hot cousin with her to have a vacation.

The two stories didn’t match. I told the gay brother what she told me. He kept insisting she didn’t get married. Even Mommy Brenda insisted she was just on vacation.

I acted along. I kept visiting and kept refusing any offers from the Mama Sang to partner an Angel. She’d recommend me to her best, hottest girl every time but I wouldn’t flinch. I kept telling her Hanna would be furious if she’d known I partnered another girl. Worked like a charm for me. I finally found a cheap place where the atmosphere is that of a cheap club. I could drink and decline any Angels because I had the perfect alibi.

Later on, I asked the gay brother about her sister. He told me she was ok. I nodded then I smiled. Obviously, she’s informed him of what a blunder they did so they started playing along.

I still go there from time to time knowing she might have been dumped and she might be back in business. It has happened to her before and it was bound to happen again.

In the end, if we would think with the numbers, I ended up winning a good deal. I went to a club, where the patrons usually got less than what they paid for, but I got my money’s worth and even more.

I managed to keep my status in that club pretending to be deeply hurt and just told them that I had to avoid going because it just brings back sad memories. It worked like a charm. I still get to have special favors if I ask them while spending less and less time visiting.

Right now, I’m just waiting for things to get better for me and for them to get better looking Angels and maybe I’ll be back on a regular basis.

Sorry I had to digest the whole thing into general paragraphs. Its supposed to be longer than this but I didn’t include the minor things. I’m running on batteries and my beer is about to run out. Lol.

Hope you enjoy this. Comments highly appreciated.

Khaye, why do I feel like my Blog is slowly turning into another Is it just me? Must be going crazy again.

Sorry for the sudden format change. Had a little accident with MS Word. Lol! Noobie moment. 😛


I’ve got some posts due for review. Some of them proves to be really sensitive so I’ll have to ask around for insights on the posts before I publish them. I just hope you don’t mind the inconvenience.

I want do a gender sensitivity analysis/review on them. Wouldn’t want to be unfair.

As promised, I’ll start sharing these as I reminisce.

Past flames, adventures and misadventures. I just hope my blog doesn’t end up being a porn site. Anyway, my first post in the series wouldn’t really be about a past flame now misadventure. It’s just that I suddenly remembered her and what I unknowingly done. She was long gone before I even realized what happened and I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t share it with a female friend who almost came to hitting me for treating a girl like that.

I’d like to hide her personality (In truth, I forgot her name! LMAO! I’m really getting old) so let’s call her Jane.

Around 26 years old. Was tall and slim. Molatta but on the fairer side. Got this good figure. (Around 34 C, I think) Was always wearing a smile and a pony tail.

She was a GRO at the nearest Beer Joint from the office. It was a regular hang-out so naturally, we got to know her. She was really fond of my phone back then (Nokia 5800 Express Music. Too bad it got slashed from my pants.) I would usually let her hold onto my phone whenever I visit and she would play “Racing Thunder” amongst other games. Well, she was really into my phone.

Later on, we got really close and there are Fridays when I’d drink up all I can then they’d let me sleep there when they closed shop. (No, Khaye, nothing happened. Lol!) We’d sleep beside each other and go separate ways by morning.

I treated her like one of the boys and she seemed happy about it.

She developed this habit of greeting my phone first before greeting me and even ask me through text how my phone was whenever I was away. This went on until it got the point when I suddenly had this private joke played on her. I told her my phone was in love with her and that it misses her so. By night fall, we went to the club and she, of course, greeted my phone. I went on with the private joke by saying “My phone asks if you would be his girl.” She said yes. She was really happy that night. That was the only time when I saw her shine like that. Being a friend, I was happy as long as she’s happy.

The private joke went on. I kept thinking she was just riding with it. Whenever I’d send her an SMS, I’d end it with “and the Phone asks me to send you his love” or “the Phone sez he loves you.” Then she’d reply by sending back her love.

After about half a month, they got this new girl. Now, she was my type. Ok, not exactly the standard “My Type” but more of an exceptional “My Type”. She was Petite. Gorgeous figure. (36D, I think) A bit on the chubby side but was really cure. Fair skinned. The type of girl I could only dream of. Let’s call her Michelle. She was really busy at first being the new girl so I waited out until she ain’t too busy anymore.

After a month, there was less customers and I was able to talk to this Michelle. Got to know her a bit. Found out she was an aspiring Call Center Agent but didn’t quite make it. (Her diction and Accent was good but she kept looking for words whenever she’d show off by talking to me using her English and I’d talk back in English.) She was sweet and uber cute. Later on, I realized that I’m not her type and all I could ever be was a bigger brother. And I did.

One time, when we were going to Antipolo on an Errand for my (former) Boss, I was trying to Contact Michelle to tell her to wait up for me since I had her Christmas Gift wrapped. She wasn’t replying so I thought maybe she was asleep. I Sent an SMS to Jane to ask if Michelle was awake and I got a bad reply. Bad enough to ruin my day. She was furious because I was asking her about Michelle.

I found no logical reason for her to be mad so I thought maybe she was having her Menstrual Cycle. I tried to calm her down but she just replied by saying “Don’t ever text me again!” I asked if she was serious and she seemed serious enough. She even said she won;t accept my present and I should instead give it to Michelle. She insisted that if I try and give it to her, I’ll regret it.

We arrived at the club at around 10:00 pm. There weren’t any customers.

I remembered how she insisted on not receiving anything from me so I had my Drinking Buddy (Office Driver) give Jane the Bear she so longingly requested a few months back. Then I gave Michelle that lipstick I got on a discounted price.

Honestly, I was hurt by Jane’s actions earlier and having watched “Drop Dead Fred” (It was a movie about an imaginary friend. Was a good movie. Really worth watching.) as a kid, I had no choice but to cease existence from her life. My job was done. She wanted me out, so I had to respect that. I had to move on.

I catch glimpses of her and her face says she’s trying to say sorry but I think the damage has been done. I was really in pain of losing a dear friend.

I went on with life and the next thing I know, she already changed numbers and got fired from the club due to the major decrease in her performance.

Much later, I told this story to a female office mate. She Got really mad at me and almost hit me. I didn’t get it at first so I asked her why she suddenly got angry. She just replied with “Gago ka pala eh! Sino ba may ari ng celphone?”

Then it really hit me. Jane was friggin’ serious and she thought it was my way of flirting. D@m! Have I only known…

But it was too late. The other girls, even the manager, doesn’t know her new number so there, I became an @$$hole without even knowing it.

Had I only known…