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Category Archives: Literary

In dark times, I find myself wanting to see even the faintest hint of light.

Always hoping for a morrow to come, one brighter than today. Inspiration is dim. Mind fails. Battles lost.

Wounds still stanched in blood aching to be soothed. Waiting to be numb.

And when all hope is lost, a faint shimmer of hope.

A burning new aspiration. A new reason to be. Another reason to live.


I’ve been labelled as many as the vilest monikers there could be for those such as I. But I could only care less.

Yes, I am what I am. And shall be until I am no more.

(The recent Mental Blocks have come to a halt as a new chapter in mine life unfolds before mine eyes.)

Alas, I’ve found new inspiration in a lady not unknown to me. Tis a long forgotten feeling suddenly emerging from the deepest parts of mine soul. (if I still have one.)

Yes, I am already committed yet I refuse to be kept but you can’t blame me. I’m a man and I get the urge for the joys of the flesh… For whatever my dearest wife lacks, I seek in somewhere else.

And I have found yet another where I shall search.

But don’t misjudge me for what I say I am. I am simply me. No more than a man.