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Found this on Youtube and remembered what Boss Neckro said.


No, really. I wanna know coz it seems to be, for the longest time, that my brain refuses to communicate with the rest of me.

It’s as if someone has hit the off button. Please, please, please would somebody hit that button again for me.

But then again, mebbe I just need to get something that used to make my mind work… An ice cold bottle of beer and a lap dance.


Right now, for the record breaking time of… too long since I’ve already forgotten how long, All I’ve been having is cheap whiskey which the wife bought because the bottle looked fancy and I had to consume it all because it’s not good to waste money. The stuff tasted too bad that it took me like two months to finish it up. One Camfrog session I remember saying to myself “Yep, I’m gonna finish this bottle tonight.” (it really looked almost empty. I swear) But when reality knocked in, it took two more nights to finish.

The only thing I could think of while I was gulping down all of that awesome gruesome face wincing vile fluid was that “I can’t believe Bon Jovi actually likes this.” But it also dawned to me that he would’ve been buying the expensive whiskey. Not the cheap one I was drinking.


So now, I just opened up the bottle of my favourite good old fashioned GSM (80 Proof, not the Blue one. Kinda hate the blue one. Too mellow. XD) which I was saving up for a special occasion. Well, this is a special occasion. I’m starting to write without thinking. I think I can’t wait up ’til my mind works again. No, that would just take too long.

So, with shot glass with a double GSM shot in hand, I raise my glass and propose a toast…. To my dead mind. May its soul rest in peace. And may it never rise again… (Just imagine…. If zombies like to eat brains, what would a zombie brain want to eat?) Cheers!!!

Anyway, news on my side of the planet is that I’ve successfully built up my reputation in Kitsune RO and I’ve also successfully renamed all my characters (Well, all the characters that mattered anyway.) in order to throw away that reputation. (Building up a new one. Kinda liking it. Lmao.)


When it comes to work, this is the worst season ever. Things I used to do within a span of hours now takes me weeks. Yep. Brain IS dead. Lol.


And by the way, belated Merry Christmas Everyone. Yeah, I do owe you that. So, for me to make it up, I’ll be drinking as many shots as there are readers of this post.


BTW, the new and updated Skype ROCKS. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it. It’ll blow your mind.

(If you have Skype but not updated, for chrissakes hit that update button. XD)

After searching for ways to control my currently unnecessary vices (i.e. Drinking, Clubbing, etc. Unecessary because I don’t have the spending power anymore. Lol) I found that Ragnarok has been the only thing that could hold back my urges to go out. Plus Private servers are free so I only have to pay for my internet time.

Another point would be that Ragnarok would be the only MMORPG that would run well enough (but still with lags and all) with my current (lame) internet speed.

The first server which I got on was Intense Ragnarok Online. (iRO) Ok, everything was running smoothly. I was building up new online relationships. I even started a guild with a friend. We were gathering people in preparation to future Guild Wars.

But sadly, my stay in Intense was short lived since they had this Maintenance wherein they shut down for like a week or so. Then they needed players to download another 1.7 GB installer. (The first 1.7 GB installer I downloaded for like a month or so. I can’t wait that long.

I can’t have that so I looked for another server and I found Dreamer RO. It’s a high rate server. Faster levelling, insane drop rates. Custom pets, custom items. And the best part is that I only needed to download a small (300MB or so) patch to get me started. All I had to do was create a copy of my previous iRO installation and patch it with the Dreamer patch.

It was fun while it lasted but right now, I don’t think the server is holding up. They’re having frequent bug and everything. What’s depressing is that they have roll-backs every time the bugs happen since people normally abuse these bugs. It’s a shame since it was ranked #1 in the High Rate Server category.

Even though I’ve already started a new guild within Dreamer, I’ve decided it best to search for yet another server or maybe I’ll just search for people nearby who has copies of the new iRO installer.

Intense is up and running again so I guess it’s a better option. At least they don’t get bugs like the ones in Dreamer.

In the mean time, I’d have to fight all the urges while I wait for a good enough solution.


Are any Psychiatists reading this? Anyone offering free services? I feel I’m getting a case of depression and I’m broke so I can’t pay for professional services right now.

Ever since I got this lappy ang a plug-it, I’ve been searching for a good enough online game to keep me pacified whenever I get too bored. I do get those really lonely nights when I get sleepless and I need to do something to let off some heat.

I tried downloading Cabal Online. Waited for long enduring hours (which is technically days, almost a week) for the download to finish. Then I waited patiently for the launcher to update the game. After that, I endured the Gameguard Update.

Then I was able to play for like an hour.

Got disconnected after that since my internet started acting up. Looks like my specially prioritized trial period was up. Oh, well.

Each day after that, I kept trying to log in to my demise. Even when I had a good connection speed, the servers were too crammed to let me in. I had to buy a premium account (which involved real money) just to log into the non-congested premium servers.

After two weeks of trying, I gave up. It was no longer worth the effort. I was like a beggar begging for scraps.


I tried to look for another alternative. Searched for other games that e-games had to offer. I tried installing Operation 7. A game I used to be very familiar with. Would’ve been worth trying. I tried it. Same thing happened. Same process. Been able to play for less than an hour then it got impossible to log in.

Hey, I’m not blaming the game companies. My Internet connection was just too slow.

I even got back to playing Gunbound. I think I may have stumbled upon a private server since it wasn’t Mobius which was what I recall to have been handling GB in the Philippines. This time, it got better. I was able to play for about a week. , , Then comes the difficulty of logging in. If I do get lucky, I get booted out because of the low connection speeds.

Then I took a little peek at Levelup Games. The same old games were there plus some new ones. Only the crappy ones were free to play. Ragnarok was still up but still went for the same rates as it was before. Sadly, I couldn’t afford this game right now so I let it pass.


Months later, I found out from a Hot BBW friend that there are many veteran MMO players who have been hooked on playing Ragnarok in private servers. I used to be an avid gamer (of Ragnarok) back in 2004 and I am kinda missing it so I gave it a try.

I downloaded a 1.5GBish installer. Well, it took me about 4 days to download but that’s just me. Installed it right after downloading then updated with the patcher.

Luckily, everything went smoothly after patching. Was able to play… until they had to close the server for maintenance.

Anyway, it performed satisfactorily. There were less lags (must’ve been my internet) than the paid Ro I used to play and this time, it’s free. No more 300 per month or 100 per week or 50 per 8 hours.

Also, the lag could be easily managed since there were fewer people logged on compared to 2004.

The Major difference was the experience accumulation. Of course, Paid RO from Levelup had to take long before you level-up. They had to squeeze every last centavo out of you. This time, it was free so they tweaked a few things. . . Ok, a lotta things.

Before, it took me months of casual gaming just to get to a decent level and my character still sucked. Now, I played for around less than two hours and my character is more than what my character was 6 years ago. Now, that was fast.

But the long-time players insisted that it gets challenging later on like they tweaked things so you’d level-up faster to face the better challenges earlier.


In a nut shell, I’m anticipating my coming adventures in this server. The maintenance just made me salivate for more.


And did I forget to tell you about the uber cool new jobs and 3rd level jobs? It is Awesome!

Gotta go now. Looks like the server is up again. 😀

I do have a tendency to avoid fads. For one, I buy my wares at cheaper rates compared to when they were still hot while getting the same quality. That aside, I also do not like the idea of being “in” or getting it with the “in” crowd.

When it comes to games, the same applies to me… unless, of course, I got the game for free or something like that.

I’ve heard of this game months ago. Before my little incident. I have even acquired me a sparrow copy of it through a friend but things were quite busy back then so I wasn’t able to install it. Too bad I lost all my digital storage in that incident.

Anyway, after months, I got myself acquainted to another sparrow copy from another friend. In truth, It’s been with me for around a week but I only got bored enough to consider playing it last night.

I was familiar with much more complex Tower Defence games and this proved easy at first but it proved challenging mid-way.

Too challenging that I got to the point of finishing adventure mode last night. Hehehe.

The only drawback is that the adventure mode is too short but there are mini-games that would keep you company after the main game so you won’t really be left alone. Tons of unlockables can be purchased with hard earned game cash. Also, most average level to extreme level mini-games are even more challenging than adventure mode so it’s a totally different level of gaming experience.

But I have to warn you, if you haven’t played this before, make sure you got a lot of time in your hands before playing because this game is quite addictive.


Anyway, chances are you’ve already played this game before so why am I even writing this? XD


We Filipinos have this habit of looking back to the past in hopes that it would affect our future or at least influence the present.

I am not above this so I downloaded a copy of Sim City 4 which was originally released back in 2003. (I think) I guess they scrapped the Sim City Project after “The Sims” rose to fame.

Well, the big difference is that Sim City has such a wide focus while The Sims focus only on one family or at least an individual. I have a notion that The Sims gained popularity because it is way easier to play compared to Sim City. In Sim City 4, you not only control the building types that can be built on a certain patch of land and the facilities that help people within the city, you also control the economy. I found it fascinating how you could control the budget. You could control tax rates, police budget, fire fighting budget and even the water services budget.

The big difference which I liked compared to previous versions is that you manage up to a whole region. You could set adjacent cities up just like in the real world. You link them with roads, transportation services and up to major airports.

Now, I haven’t gone to that point yet but I think one can link different regions using airports.

Such realism is only hindered by the lack of better graphics but I don’t mind. It was meant to be a mind game. What’s best is that you don’t need a high-end PC just to play it.

But I do have to warn you. Playing this game is quite addictive and mind consuming. (That’s right. Mind Consuming… But it’s also Time Consuming. Hehehe.) But it is a good mental exercise. It’s too addictive that ever since I got into it, I kept forgetting to play The Sims 3. (Yeah, it has beaten The Sims 3 in my personal schedule. Lol!)

After playing about a month’s worth too much of The Sims 3, I began to notice, my characters were usually either successful bodybuilders or fitness buffs. I asked around amongst my fellow gamers what theirs mostly ended up as and they have different results. Mostly the kind of lives we wanted for ourselves but didn’t have.

Take me for example. I wanted to get buff and to get fit for a change but as I started my program, I got injured. So, while playing, my character ended up as what I wanted of myself. Even lifetime rewards I claim reflect my real lifetime wishes.

Another friend, a renowned clubber who said he was trying to stay away from clubbing, claims that playing Sims just keeps him from staying away from clubs. Like it takes out his true desires. The same happened to my sim as it was matured enough. It travelled to another country then started womanizing. Very typical of me if I were to really travel.

The team behind the game really did their jobs. The realism of the game is quite mind boggling.

Heck, if I had enough dough lying around in my bank account, (if I had one) I’d be buying me a treadmill.

It has also made me rethink about restarting my routine. Reprogram it. Plan in into my (muscle) rehabilitation plan. I think I’ve found enough drive to resume. I’ve found the drive I’ve lost. All those nights watching my Sim burning rubber or pumping iron, I began thinking it was me. What I could have become.

I experimented with another file. I tried approximating my age and how I’ve lived it so far. (But I couldn’t figure out how to get my Sim injured. Hehehe. So there.) It turns out my sim could live like I’ve been living and could still die a buff man.

I’ve still got hope and I’m biting onto it this time. I just hope this post serves enough of a reminder for me to keep biting.

I’m gonna take it gradually and when I get to that point, I’ma keep pumping like crazy.

Yep, there’s no stopping me now. Hehe.

Darn, I just found out my connection is lagging again. (like as if it doesn’t always happen)

Anyway, I’ll just post this when my internet is back.