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I wonder why it is that the people around me seem to act like dogs. More like they’re thinking like dogs. It really puzzles me. Could it be the humans who are acting like dogs or are the dogs simply taking the many examples their human masters have to offer? Which side’s evolutionary learning are we really observing here? Ours or our K-9 friends’?

I’ve been living in this community since birth and was only forced to move out recently. We moved not far away for various reasons. (Approximately 50 meters from my old house.)

Ever since I was a kid, I was really fond of dogs. Yep, I’ve even gone close to deciphering their native emotion based language. (That or maybe I’m just going crazy. Hehehe.)

I remember back then, I used to get bitten (by dogs) very often compared to other kids my age. Now, as I am older, I wondered why I stopped getting bitten… Then I thought of something much more important. Why did I keep getting bitten in the first place?

On these cases, even my failing photographic memory really helps. I remember my dad used to tell me not to run nor stop walking if I see an enraged dog. He was telling me this as he cleansed my recently bitten arse. Of course, I would’ve remembered what he said because it was his way of telling me how to avoid it.

Months passed. Dog bite completely healed. My folks tell me to buy a bottle of ketchup from the general store and I go hippity hoppity to my errand. Unfortunately, there was only one store back then (now, this ‘hood is swarming with Sari-sari stores.) and there were lots and lots of dogs on the way. The most vicious of which resided some five to eight kiddie paces before reaching the store.

I remembered my Dad’s advice and I followed it to the last letter. I dug deep. Searched deep within for the courage to keep myself from running nor from stopping. I can’t show fear or else, the dog would sense the thrill of the chase then it would harass me more.

I succeeded at keeping myself. The animal was furiously barking away while I walked the straight path not more than one and a half feet from the dog. Kept my eyes looking straight like my old man told me to.

To my surprise, at the corner of my eyes forcibly staring forward, as I walked past it, I saw the dog charging towards me while barking with all its might. It might’ve been agitated more by the fact that I didn’t show any sign of fear. He must’ve wanted me to be afraid like as if it is the only way he could raise his ego (and later on, I figured I was right.)

I felt something hit my arse but felt no pain (yet.) I just had to take a glance at what hit me. Surely it was the dog but it sure didn’t feel like a dog bite. (I’ve been bitten quite a few times to know how a dog’s bite would feel or not)

Then the piercing pain crept its way. I checked my behind with my hand then I noticed there was blood. Surely it was the dog. Then I took ka glance at the dog only to find that it too was a bit perplexed. Hesitant at first then backed away a bit until regaining its composure to resume barking again. My uncle (Yes, the dog was owned by a worthless uncle of mine.) noticed this then rushed to my aid making sure I was alright. (I obviously was wounded so I wasn’t but I needed to buy the ketchup or else I will most probably be hit harder by my worthless Dad.)

Later on, (much much later) I looked back at this to analyze. I wanted to know what exactly happened. The way I see it, it seemed like as if the dog wasn’t expecting me to stay focused on walking without paying attention while every other kid on the neighbourhood would just run for fear of getting bit. I kept my pace, bringing insult to the dog’s pride, so when the dog rushed up to me, expecting me to flinch and run, but I didn’t. So, as he opened his mouth to bark, the teeth hit my arse. . . and since it was still numb at the moment, he got perplexed because I showed no fear, I did not run, then when his teeth hit me, I did not cry.

After that, I should’ve learned not to trust in anything my dad tells me.

As for the other, more important question. Why do I keep getting bitten?

Well, dogs are highly territorial creatures. They’ll defend their turf no matter what especially against rival dogs from other territories. By day, they can see perfectly but by night, they’re as good as blind. By these hours when the sun is down, they rely on their sense of hearing and their sense of smell.

I’ll have to admit. Having been really close to my dog back then, I must’ve smelled like a dog. A rival dog to those which successfully had a taste of mine arse. But that just leads to yet another question. Why oh why does it always have to be the arse? J

Now, sice dogs are domesticated creatures living with their human masters (as a part of the family as the Filipino tradition dictates), why do they get vicious enough to attack humans?

I see a few reasons and please do post them if you see more.

The most common of which I see is that they have been maltreated by their masters. Mongrels, the common dog of the Philippines, are small creatures. Smaller than a grown man but an adult would be larger than the average 5-7 year old kid. If their adult masters keep hitting them for any reason they fancy. Some masters even hit them as an outlet. They’re mad at the world or maybe the world hit them but they can’t hit back. So, to get even, to let out his aggression, he ends up beating the dog. Now, let’s remember that a dog only has a vague understanding of our language and that their language is based on emotions. If their master is hitting them for no apparent reason, the dog might think that its ok for one to beat up another as long as its smaller than you. And kids are small. I hope you keep that in mind while you beat up your dog, you dog beater! Hahaha.

Another reason would be hunger. Let’s face it. If one is hungry, one gets moody or even grumpy. Have you ever been out working your a$$ off then go home to a dinner-less table? It sucks, right? Sometimes it would tick you off. The same goes for the dog. When hungry, it would be really grumpy.

My dog has another reason to chase around kids. Its a good thing it still listens to me or else I could be coughing up plenty of dough for the medical bills to support the victims’ anti-rabies shots. One word from me is still all it takes to stop him from pursuing his target. If only I could teach him to attack any target I point out. Hehehe.

He chooses his targets. The worst mistake they made was to think that dogs were stupid creatures. Well, they’re not. They have good memory.

When we moved in, I took my dog with me naturally but he has to stay outside. I tied him up to be sure he doesn’t cause much trouble. Now, right here, a dog on a leash is a rare sight. Most of the owners just let their dogs roam free. Yes, they’re mostly irresponsible. In rainy nights, my dog’s barkadas (friends) would have to sleep in my yard, beside my dog, just to stay dry. Imagine that. They can’t even provide a good enough sleeping area for their dogs. My dog is actually sweet. He’d leave some of his food for his friends to finish off. The other dogs are usually hungry at night so I don’t mind as long as food isn’t wasted. Besides, my dog is making friends and is now a respected member of the dog neighbourhood community. They’d follow his lead. He would bark at the Drug addicts trying to make their way to their suppliers in the area and all the other dogs would follow suit. There were nights when all of them had to make too much of a racket that I had to literally drag my dog inside the house just to stop all the racket. And since my dog is silenced, all the other dogs remain silent. Whoa, my dog is their leader now! Hahaha.

Now, there are kids who make fun of my dog just because he’s on a leash. They kept mocking him just because he’s tied up. I’d try to stop them, tell them not to do that, but to no avail. They only devised something they thought was clever. They’d mock my dog silently by making agry faces. Being a smart dog, he knew he was being mocked and responds by trying to chase them down (naturally) only to be kept back by his leash. I caught quite a few of them trying to do this and tried my best to talk to them but they would just run. Being able to understand dogs, especially my dog, I knew what would happen if this keeps up. My dog would become vicious, easily agitated. Might even end up biting kids like I was when I was a teeny tiny tod.

I can’t have that. What I did was to let my dog loose. I removed him from his leash. (But only in day time. By night, he’s either sleeping inside the house on his li’l corner or he’s in the front yard, tied to a leash.)

I allowed him to freely chase down every kid who has mocked him. Naturally, he’d bark before running off so I had warning everytime he was to pursue a target. I would naturally stop him and he would oblige. The important thing to him was that he was freely able to express his reply to their mockery and that he wasn’t on a leash anymore while doing just that.

A few hours later, he regained the respect of the kids. Problem solved.

But this morning, it took me by surprise. He stalked target silently. All I heard was a kid shouting out in surprise and in fear as the dog was already inches away from him. I looked out the window and saw a boy. It was the same boy who was silently mocking him before. What my dog did was silently stalk him. How cool was that. Another proof that my dog is a genius. Hehehe.

I called off my dog and he obliged. I was pleased. Then I told the kid that this happened because he was mocking my dog, that it was his fault in the first place. Stupid kids. Now I await the parents. If they’re to arrive, I’ll get all the chance I needed to tell them how their kid has been showing disrespect to my dog. Disrespect to my house. Disrespect to me. If they won’t listen, then its their loss. Their son would most probably grow up as an @$$h073. Then when he grows up as a man, and he’s still dissin’ me, I’ll be free to knock his head in. Hehehe!

That’s an example of another reason why dogs become vicious. The people who keep mocking them messes up their heads. They start losing the “friendly” mood. If things go on, they’ll start thinking they should attack anyone who remotely resembles those who are mocking them. Simply put, respect the dog and it will respect you. Simple as that.

Please do post this blog entry at wherever you want. The more people who knows about this, the safer the kids are from getting attacked by a dog. Be responsible. Love your dogs.