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Category Archives: Dear Globe

Unbelievable but it seems Globe is afraid of I’m not sure on this yet and I am in the process of gathering more solid Data on this.

I happened to stumble upon this earlier this morning by accident. I was downloading some files I badly needed and was using my torrent software when I had an itch to take a speedtest since I’m getting zero download speed again.

Surprisingly, as I was monitoring the built-in connection meter from the Globe Tattoo software, I noticed a 1.8 MB signal spike. It was just a momentary spike so I didn’t pay it attention. Then I went through with the speedtest, I noticed that there was another BIG Signal Spike. This time, it was like 2.2 MBPS. Then the speedtest registered 2.2 MBPS.

Then I noticed that my download speed was good all of a sudden. It was pure joy and as I was high spirited about the sudden miracle, I tried to close my browser half expecting my download speed to drop. . . And it did!

Afterwards, I opened the Speedtest page again just to see if it was a valid discovery and it had a good effect. I left that page as it is until I finished downloading. Yeah, there were times when I still hit zero for a minute or two but then, I’ll just refresh the speedtest page and my speed recovers slowly from a 50KBPS to a 200KBPS then it peaks up again to 1.7-2.2MBPS.

I’ll conduct another experiment of this sort when I get more money for load. My Super Surf is about to expire at 9am. Lol!


After suffering almost no internet access, I began to ponder whether I should still call it LAGSPIKES.

From what I understand, (and please do correct me if I’m wrong,) any normal internet connection encounters lagspikes. It is momentary pulses wherein you lose signal. If you got a good enough internet connection and you want to see what I’m saying, do a ping test on any valid IP address, especially foreign ones and you’ll see what I mean. You’re connected most of the time but you ocassionally get lagspikes. The part where the IP Address failed to respond momentarily but gets back to normal again.

Now, extreme lagspikes would involve you losing bandwidth within a long enough time for you to notice. E.g. when you suddenly get the “Page not Found” error message on your browser then you just refresh and it gets back to normal. That is still acceptable.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my actual graphical representation of a SIGNAL SPIKE. (Screen Caps captured the time I was writing this.)

Opposite to the LAGSPIKE, the signal spike is when you get nothing then get momentary access to the internet then nothing at all within the blink of an eye.

Uhh, could someone help me verify if the term “Signal Spike” actually exists? I wanna be sure if I wanna be rejoicing right now or not. 😀


Oh, and notice that I only get GPRS signals. Hey, the company promised speeds of up to 3 MBPS. Of course that was a maximum value. They never said that the minimum value was 0. Nyahahaha!

Introducing the only internet service in the country (maybe even the whole world but I can’t be sure) who offers the unique unlimited service with a 1GB limit!!!

Yes, you heard that right. This is the only limited unlimited internet service you could ever find. It’s too good that other ISPs would soon surely follow suit.

Hurry! Maybe you could be lucky as me to have received this message. Remember, it’s not as easy as you think and only the best amongst subscribers can reach this 1GB limit and if you already did, we’ll we’ve both been had!!! Nyahahaha! Congratulations!


Note to other ISPs: If you want to offer me a good deal, please don’t hesitate to contact me especially if it involves a free plug-it from your company. I’d switch if I could only I lack the money to buy a new plug-it. And Globe, if you’re reading this, I already know Wi-Max sucks. Don’t try to offer me any temporary solutions… And tell your agent to stop hitting on my wife.

I may have solved all our Pre-paid Globe Problems.


On the first time my account was suspended, I was informed it would be automatically lifted, if no real malicious/illegal activity is proven, after a month. I didn’t wait a month. Instead, I bought a new SIM and resumed my online life.


Recently, there has been trouble within Globe that left us unable to register to SuperSurf. Maester Dondz bought a new SIM and left his old one on reserve. It worked for him.


I, on the other hand, would not like to end up with a large stack of used SIM Cards so I did a little experiment. (Thanks to the Consultant Team Leader who graciously gave me a cash advance which aided me on this li’l project.)

First, I loaded my 2nd Tattoo SIM with 55 pesos. (50 for SuperSurf and 5 for the minimum maintaining balance. I still had 1 peso in the account.) Then I tried registering to Supersurf50. It failed so I let the wife access Facebook with it. Can’t let it go to waste. Hehehe.

Then I Loaded 60 pesos into my 1st Tattoo SIM to try if it would work. First try and it went smoothly like a stripper’s assets.

I’m on SuperSurf again!


So here’s what I’ve found out: Accounts flagged or banned from SUPERSURF gets automatically unbanned after a month. It took about two months before my 2nd account so I’d say we’ve got about two months to use a SIM until it gets banned then we just swap it with the reserve until the next two months. We may not really need to keep buying new SIMs. We just need to recycle. 😀


If all else fails, I’m sure we could figure something out. Lol!

According to Globe Customer Support, we cannot register to SUPERSURF due to some TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

They said they are so sorry for any conveniences and are trying to get it fixed ASAP.

The service is supposed to be up and running again as soon as it is fixed.



On a more analytical tone, the same happened last time where loyal Globe Tattoo users were not able to register to the said Promo due to some “Technical Difficulties” which they promised to handle soon. Luckily, the problem was solved soon enough but with yours truly, another problem presented itself.

Just as the rest of the Globe Tattoo community resumed their everyday online activities with the return of the SUPERSURF Promo, Yours truly was still unable to register and a different message was sent back every time I tried. When I contacted Customer Support, they informed me that my account (Sim Card/Mobile Number) was suspended from Promos due to some allegations of illegal activities and was being investigated by the Technical Team. The suspension was due to be automatically lifted after a month.

Knowing my basic rights, I stressed out to them that I understood they have to take certain measures with such cases but they could have at least informed me that my account had such violations instead of me guessing what happened. Furthermore, I am very sure I did not do anything illegal with my account but I do recall I was vigilant back then regarding the reporting of any problems and difficulties in using their promos and services.

The events that had transpired led me to believe that they (the Technical Team) were just getting back at the customers who were “Hard to Please” and were only wanting to get “the Full Globe Experience”. (As for me, I did get the “Full Globe Experience”. Hehehe.)



I write this report in hope that something gets done about this. Not just the Technical difficulties but also the team that does these subtle harassments to customers. You are a company who sells your services. If a consumer doesn’t get what is due, by all means, the consumer has the right to tell you.

I was forced to change SIM because of this so I could easily resume my online life. I found it not feasible for me to wait a month before I could resume. I’d like to stress out that “My account was supposed to have been unbanned within the last week of July but the Promo was (supposedly) about to end after six days.”

After that, they extended the promo up to the end of September, which is a good thing. But now, nearing the end of August, the same thing happened. And as I was unable to hold myself back, I asked Globe Technical Support about it.

Now, I’m only waiting ’til they suspended my account again then the cycle could continue.

What’s wrong with these pictures???


First, I was trying to register to SUPERSURF 220 and this is the message I received:


Then I checked if I was stupid enough to forget I was registered so I sent SUPERSURF STATUS to 8888. This was the reply:


Hoping this was just a minor glitch in the system, I tried to register again by sending SUPERSURF220 to 8888 and this was the reply:


Any hope this will be fixed? It would really be great if we avoid all this nonsense and stupidity so we could all go on with our lives. I’d love to call your customer support hotline but the last series or times I tried to get support from them, my account got suspended for some suspicions of illegal activity. I had to change sim cards just so I could continue using SuperSurf.


But this all just reminds me that you are experiencing technical difficulties. I understand that. But since when was selling us another product with a separate price tag the solution? Yes, your agents visited my wife back home earlier today… Twice! Yes, she’s too hot, two agents had to take a look at the risk of dog bite.

And they had to come when I wasn’t around. Are they thinking they could dupe my wife into buying?

What was that? . . Oh, It’s 4G! Kewl! Good for you. Ahh, it boasts to have “no congestion”. So you do admit you do have congestion in your 3G products. Very honest Dude! But that would sound much more accurate if you printed “No Congestion YET” onto the pamphlets. Yep, that would’ve been sweet.

Seriously, do you think all your customers are stupid?





A customer who is at the edge of moving to Sun/Bayantel


P.S. If only you’d refund me the for the 995 pesos I paid for your “plug-it”. I’d really appreciate that.

And just when you need it the most, it dies on you!!!

I happened to be in the office all day and I was still in the bus on my way home when all the action happened. This is the only time I regret not having purchased a TV-Phone. Dang!

So, here’s the catch: I arrived home when the action just got finished. People are already dead. All they’re flashing on the News are patients being sent to the ER.

That’s definitely not what I want to know. So I turn to the next best thing:

As I was reading the earlier details, my internet suddenly acted up again!!! I got like 1.4 MBPS when I booted up. Why does it suck too much to the point of being worthless right now?

C’mon, Globe, gimme a break! I pay you so I won’t have to buy a newspaper every friggin’ day. When I need you the most, you diss me. I don’t deserve this!