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I’m thinking of a small business to support my growing needs so I listed down my assets, resources and possible opportunities.

Well, my financial assets ain’t much. Most of it included my collectible 1 month’s wage from my ever so forgetful employer. But the resources around me made sense. I live in Meycauayan. The land of Jewelers where every other guy used to know how to make simple jewelry. That slowly dies when the Dead Drug-lord Mayor started to swing things on the opposite direction by slowly transforming a leather goods and jewelry producing Municipality into the Raw Leather and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide City it is now. Sheer genius.

Nonetheless, Jewelry Industry is dying… Painfully. The great artist of the past are mostly dead. (I dedicate this part to one particular artist whom I used to work for as a carpenter for his Billiard Table Manufacturing racket. He was the best Jewelry artist there ever was. Author of the “Bomba Jewelry” line which had a core of cheap metal but had an outer shell of pure gold which when pawned to minor pawnshops would pitch a high price because of all the weight in Gold but when melted, reveals that the core and the crust had different compositions, thus the “Bomba” monicker. Sheer Genius. May God rest his soul.) The kids running the small-time jewelry trade is becoming more and more predictable. I wanted to have a custom Silver Jewelry piece which I would design. Anyone I ask would just say “depende sa design”.

Very few would relish a good challenge nowadays and is only in it for sustenance. Very few of them have vision.

A year or two before now, I saw on TV a certain girl who then has recently launched her jewelry line. She boasts to have taken a Jewelry Manufacturing course in Paris but that just sucks. We have great potential here in Meycauayan. What we lack is a vision and a market.

Well, I don’t know how to manufacture such pieces of art yet but I have had a vision and I will have a market.

I aim to empower the local Jewelers. To bring their pieces of art to a wider market. To once again revive the Meycauayan Jewelry trade and to make people realize we’re better than Paris.

You’re a Filipino. Love your own. If you’re a dog, you bark. You don’t purr just because it is “in”. Just think of the Balisong. Batangas is still best. I was surprised when the movie “Kickass” referred to it as “Balisong” (even if it was pronounced with an American accent) instead of its internationally accepted name, “Butterfly Knife”. (I just love that movie but I think the character Kickass itself is stupid but I understand. A guy could dream.)

So, I shall launch, in the near future, my brand of custom-made Jewelry. You tell me what you want, I try to sketch it. You like what is drawn, I get it done.

The only drawback right now is the lack of capable people to produce them for me. I don’t want the average joe. I want someone who loves a challenge. There is bound to be rather odd designs to be requested. I need someone confident enough with his/her skills to meet the demands of the clients. If you know of someone, specially from Meycauayan, who does Jewelry and is capable of delivering what I need, do tell me. (But I won’t be accepting anyone who studied from Paris. Lol!) If I don’t find one, I shall become one. I’m an artist and Jewelry is still art. It only takes time to learn how to change the meduim. (Oh, and I’m a skill thief. I watched my barbers do their work and before they even knew, I was a better barber they were. Lol!)

I’ll also need Models/Agents. The catch is simple. You tell me your dream design then I sketch it. I’ll get it done then you wear it. Somebody asks where you got the piece, you refer them to me. They pay up, you get commission. Easy as that. But I’ll have to rigorously screen models. My funds wouldn’t accommodate too many virtually free pieces. Right now, I’ll settle with one model (and since my first candidate practically ignored my offer, the position is still empty.) then increase the number of models when things get better.

Oh, right. My mother wants to be a model too so I’ll be forced to make that two models at the start.

What do you guys think? I haven’t decided on the Brand Name yet. Any comments? Just post them here.