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Having spent most of the last year with little or no income at all, (not counting all the debt acquired and  hardly paid) right now, I can’t help but feel (slightly) good that things are starting to go back on track.

However, relapses of my previous workaholism keep showing up. Three days of serious work was imediately followed by three days afffected with Flu. ROFL.

Right now, I’m feling lazy-ish. But at least this new project ought to provide well.

What tomorrow brings, I don’t know for certain. If they give me more contracts paying the same or better, I should be happy. But deep down inside, I’ve come to hate this line of work which I so loved way back then.

Maybe if they pay well enough, I could even consider working while on a hospital bed. >.<

JK. lol.

But it does suck that after all the efforts to get things started once more was originally intended for me to go back into RO…. then when I finally get a laptop and a working net, I’m too busy to even log in.

Sux to be me… but at least I’m not as hungry as I was a year ago.



  1. After spending 12 hours straight transcribing an audio of someone with a very thick Australian accent, I am beginning to hate the new gig too. 18 AUD makes it all worth somehow… so just keep on plugging away. God, let me hit the lotto jackpot already. 😀

  2. Argh! I forgot to buy Lotto Tickets. ~_~

  3. I wish things have gone a lot better since the day you posted this.

    • I wish I could say that it did get better. Iono though… Somehow, I lost the will and the strength to even rant about it. ~__~

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