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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Having spent most of my mental blocks playing RO, I have turned to become a ful-time RO Gamer. . . Until my hardware went KABOOM.

Then I realized I have REALLY neglected this blog.

So, in an effort to reunite my two passions in life, I worked out this ad exchange scheme. We all know extra ad spaces are valuable and we have been exchanging Blogrolls ever since. This time, we could maybe exchange ads with an RO Server.

How does this work:

To make it plain and simple, we’d have to first make an ad in the form of a loading screen (Those pictures we see in loading sequences i.e. whenever we move to another map). Then we review of this certain RO server. Ideally, it should be a decent review. Not some one liner “It’s a good RO server! TRY IT!” kinda thing. Once the Blog post has been verified, they’d insert our loading screen Blog Ads into their loading screen cycles.

Honestly, seeing the same set of loading screens could get boring especially if in cases like mine where I had to endure slow Net conditions constantly. Loading screens could take forever and something new to look at would definitely be welcome.

Details about it are still to be discussed in detail.

Please post your comments and/or suggestions. Or better yet, take a look at their forums at