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Crawling ever so slowly back to the old work habits, reacquiring them one by one by retracing my steps through childhood and retraining myself as best I can. Oh, hellz yeah! Things can’t get better than this!

Yes! At the summit of all the bills and the financial slumps staring and poking from all directions, Sleep depravity due to all the deadlines at work and the ever so delectable change of diet, being limited mostly to Taters and Sweet P’taters replacing rice, due to the new ailment I’ve been diagnosed with. The Great News announced itself. ^_^

When the water bill finally came the first thing that came to her mind is to leave me and then come back only when I got money again. Hurrah! Definitely, things can’t get any better than this!


And that’s a fact. 😀


*Details would be available upon demand. :3



  1. Ouch…

  2. and the news is?

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