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Finding myself in a situation wherein my contract is as good as expired, bills closing in and other stuff that demands income, I’ve started looking for alternatives to augment income. To get more cash rolling in.

I’ve found some ways so far. One of which would require me to keep clicking on ads, another, which would involve me setting up ads for Porn sites, Porn Cam Sites, etc.

The big question is this: If I do those stuff and find more sites where I could earn potentially enough to sustain a living… Is it possible? Could I really earn as much as I used to earn?

The other question is: Would people find it rather annoying to have a random porn site ad on my Blog? XD Since I think I can’t put up ads in WordPress without a paid subscription, maybe I could turn to somewhere else like Blogger. Or maybe some other Porn Dedicated Blog Sites.

Tell me what you think. ^_^



  1. Try this but be careful in not giving away your work for free. There is an option for you to charge by milestones. I tried placing bids, unfortunately, since I have full time work that requires me to travel most of the time, that little handicap has prevented me from getting a regular weekend gig. Good luck.

    • Wow! Thanks Maester Dondz!

      Mukhang mas mahihiyang ako dito kaysa mga PTC sites at mga Adult Cam referrals. XD

    • Though, yeah, I really should avoid my old hobby of giving away free labor. ^_^

  2. mahirap talaga yumaman hehe

    pero basta may determination at perseverance pwede!

  3. Mahirap yumaman cheese, pero kung meron kang konting tyaga, at konting talento, hindi ka rin naman magugutom. Kahit pa sa Pinas. I know this for a fact.

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