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I just thought I’d post something about this.

A few people’s Yahoo accounts are suffering from this. It starts out as a link to a certain site sent by e-mail from one of your friends. I forgot the exact site since I deleted it at first sight. It’s a blank e-mail with nothing else but the link.

No matter what you do, do not click on the link.

A friend of mine whom I got the email from has just informed me that her Yahoo account can’t be accessed.

So, I think the virus replaces your password then sends those e-mails to everyone on the Address Book.

Just a heads up.


And on another note. It seems there is at least a fraud or a group of frauds circulating some messages on facebook. They will inform you that you have a common family name with one of his clients who recently died and would like you to be the one to claim all of his wealth provided that you two split the proceeds.

This one is a long con. They try to make you believe that they are really asking from you some important details and documents. And whenever you reply, they reply back.

The good thing is, they are too stupid to even manually compose the replies. The messages they reply with are pre created and are released in a series. Like they send you Message A, then you reply and they send you Message B. Then another reply from you then they send you Message C which requires an attachment with your Signature, claim to the dead man’s property, etc. Then they send message D.

What I did was I tried to play along just for fun and surprisingly, when I told them the family name on my facebook profile wasn’t my real family name, they still kept sending the replies. Lol. And yeah, I was asking questions he won’t answer. So, at first, it was fun, but later on, it got boring. It was like talking to a vending machine.

I’ll try to remember to get those messages and then maybe I can post them here. Let’s compare replies. Lol.


There is one basic thing that should be remembered when dealing with E-mail miracles… If it’s too god to be true, it ain’t.


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