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I wouldn’t really want an emphasis on my sudden disappearance (Again) and my even more sudden (Re)return.

It’s just that… well, guess who’s back is aching like hell since two days ago. XD

Anyway, since I’m currently “sick” I’ve finally found the time to catch up on some stuff I’ve recently lacked the time for and I’m sorta like making a quick checklist of things to do.

First of all, I gotta work on writing stuff for and since a friend suddenly got into Blogging, and invited me to become another co-contributor for, I think I gotta work for an article or two.

Then I’d have to help advertising More players in the server would mean more in-game business opportunities for me. 😀 lol

And I do have to visit a lotta other blogs I used to stalk. I know y’all know who you guys are. Just wait for me. Kukulitin ko kayo hanggang magsawa kayo at ipagtabuyan nyo ‘ko. Nyahahahaha!

That being said, I think I’ma start working on the few items on the list. Maybe later on today, I could add some more. Well, maybe and maybe not. I may be too tired later to even read. Lol.

That does it. It is confirmed. I’m suffering from Old Age. (Old age at 29. Lmao.)


Ayt, see y’all later. Have fun on whatever fun stuff you wanna do. And cheers! Keep drinking. Do it for those who cannot anymore. ^,..,^



  1. 29 is still young. Go kick more asses. 🙂

  2. Lol. Thanks Dude. But I think I’ll stick to kicking ass online for the time being. At least until the Rheumatic phases stop being persistent. lol.

    Meh, this is all because of being a workaholic and working for a few abusive companies. XD

    Office politics suck. lol

    • I see. I feel for you, sir Smilesnhighfives. But then again, here we are on your breather. Have a nice blogging experience. Back to where you can truly breathe.

  3. Thanks man. I really appreciate it.

    So far, it’s working for me. Getting back into Blogging and such.
    Makes me feel like work ain’t getting piled up as I rest. lol.

    Anyway, bouncing up and about seems to feel better than anticipated.

    Lotsa things to catch up with.

  4. Welcome back! MTCBackroom huh?

    • Thanks Boss Neckro.

      Yeah, I was supposed to make some reviews and stuff but then everything got caught up in a whirlwind.

      Lol, still working on the posts I’m supposed to post. lol.

  5. The backroom is on standby mode, so no pressure there. Too much on my plate at the moment to give it a decent go. Work always comes first. Gotta pay the rent! 🙂 But hey, welcome back.

    • Thanks Maester Dondz. Whew, that was a relief. ^_^

      But still, I intend to write some game reviews at the lest for the mtcbackroom.

      Mmm, yeah, rent… THat… lol.

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