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I still can’t barely believe did another all nighter at work. Yeah, went to the office yesterday morning and worked until 1am. Just got back. I can’t even recognize if I am feeling tired.

I remember back in my prime that I used to enjoy such all nighters. It was fulfilling every time a deadline is beat against all odds and I end up being the Office Hero. I used to take pride in such accomplishments. But now, I feel nothing.

It was as if the only consolation I get is that I get to skip Monday and just report to office at Tuesday. Could’ve been good if only work hasn’t taken Saturday and Sunday. XD

I guess this is how it feels to be a former workaholic. The stuff that used to give me a natural high is now getting another reaction from my system. Though there is one thing I’m wondering about. Will I be able to stand in the morrow when I finally wake up maybe around noon at the least. (If I could still find sleep.) Nowadays, it seems I could just anticipate a rheumatic attack so I won’t get as pissed as usual when it does happen. XD

Though at least I got one less problem to think about. One report finished. 35 more to go. XD (Then they get to review it and I get to do the reports all over again. Oh, JOY!!!

But I hafta admit, when I was into the prime of my grind, it felt really weird. It was as if the person working ain’t me anymore. It’s as if it was a totally different person and I’m just at the back watching him work. Really odd. XD Maybe I do lack sleep.

SO, here’s to hoping that once I get to log onto Kitsuno RO, I could at least get a good card from the hunts I’ll be doing… and that afterwards, I could finally get my well deserved sleep. ^.^

Err, I better log on immediately. I’m getting another strong urge to go out and head to the nearest Bar or Club. XD



  1. Let me share my worst/most tiring editing experience(I worked as a video editor, doing avps, mtvs, concert playbacks and stuff). My usual work sked is 1 pm to 1 am. The main reason being that by 1 pm, our account exec has already met with the client and is ready to give me directions — which usually needs to be executed by the next morning (or at least show some progress). But when I’m doing a major project, it is not unusual for me to stay in the office for days at a time (longest stretch was 4 days). All video editors have a bag with spare clothes, toothbrush and whatnot. Eniwey, so I was on my 2nd day or so of another epic editing stretch when I really needed to catch some zzzs on the couch inside the editing room. Another editor was still editing so I slept to the sound of fast-forwarding and rewinding videos. So I slept dreaming the dream of a video editor. I was STILL WORKING — EDITING IN MY SLEEP! I woke up not feeling refreshed at all. I felt cheated. This is a true story! 🙂

    • lmao. That does happen to me too. Not rarely but often. I tend to get absorbed in my work too much that I fall asleep while working… THen the dream would have to be like me doing what I was supposed to be doing… The bad part is that when I do wake up, it feels like as if I’m repeating all the work I just did. XD

      Then everybody at work would think I’m sleeping on the job even if I ain’t. They just don’t understand that this is the way I work.

  2. work hard then play hard.

    not both at the same time.


  3. I was learning that art before I got injured. XD

    Was working until everything exploded in my face.

    THe bad part is that now, I can’t really party due to the financial setbacks. XD

    I’m even considering myself lucky that I can still support my internet bills. ^.^

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