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Isn’t it Beautiful how a song could be understood through the bounds of language.


I closed my eyes and listened to this song… Now I feel ready. I am no longer afraid to be just another memory once again.

I may fade but still, I know for as long as you remember, I would still be a dream worth remembering.


…So I’ll make the most of what I can.


(Or use the either the “Distance” Routine or the “I’m currently busy with something” routine or the “Jealousy” routine. But I do not want to use the “Doormat” Routine. I’m not that kinda poor loser. XD)



  1. one of my favorite gaming songs xD

  2. JAV idol din ba iyan? Matutuwa ka sa Banana Mango High School. (youtube ana iyan!)

    • Err. Di yata Boss Neckro. Sa tingin ko, singer lang talaga yang si Rikki.

      Hmm… “Banana Mango High School”. . . . . (Runs to search on youtube)

      (FOUND IT!!!) Daym, Boss Neckro, pareho tayo ng taste! Wahahaha!

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