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Monthly Archives: January 2011

No, really. I wanna know coz it seems to be, for the longest time, that my brain refuses to communicate with the rest of me.

It’s as if someone has hit the off button. Please, please, please would somebody hit that button again for me.

But then again, mebbe I just need to get something that used to make my mind work… An ice cold bottle of beer and a lap dance.


Right now, for the record breaking time of… too long since I’ve already forgotten how long, All I’ve been having is cheap whiskey which the wife bought because the bottle looked fancy and I had to consume it all because it’s not good to waste money. The stuff tasted too bad that it took me like two months to finish it up. One Camfrog session I remember saying to myself “Yep, I’m gonna finish this bottle tonight.” (it really looked almost empty. I swear) But when reality knocked in, it took two more nights to finish.

The only thing I could think of while I was gulping down all of that awesome gruesome face wincing vile fluid was that “I can’t believe Bon Jovi actually likes this.” But it also dawned to me that he would’ve been buying the expensive whiskey. Not the cheap one I was drinking.


So now, I just opened up the bottle of my favourite good old fashioned GSM (80 Proof, not the Blue one. Kinda hate the blue one. Too mellow. XD) which I was saving up for a special occasion. Well, this is a special occasion. I’m starting to write without thinking. I think I can’t wait up ’til my mind works again. No, that would just take too long.

So, with shot glass with a double GSM shot in hand, I raise my glass and propose a toast…. To my dead mind. May its soul rest in peace. And may it never rise again… (Just imagine…. If zombies like to eat brains, what would a zombie brain want to eat?) Cheers!!!

Anyway, news on my side of the planet is that I’ve successfully built up my reputation in Kitsune RO and I’ve also successfully renamed all my characters (Well, all the characters that mattered anyway.) in order to throw away that reputation. (Building up a new one. Kinda liking it. Lmao.)


When it comes to work, this is the worst season ever. Things I used to do within a span of hours now takes me weeks. Yep. Brain IS dead. Lol.


And by the way, belated Merry Christmas Everyone. Yeah, I do owe you that. So, for me to make it up, I’ll be drinking as many shots as there are readers of this post.


BTW, the new and updated Skype ROCKS. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it. It’ll blow your mind.

(If you have Skype but not updated, for chrissakes hit that update button. XD)