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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Unbelievable but it seems Globe is afraid of I’m not sure on this yet and I am in the process of gathering more solid Data on this.

I happened to stumble upon this earlier this morning by accident. I was downloading some files I badly needed and was using my torrent software when I had an itch to take a speedtest since I’m getting zero download speed again.

Surprisingly, as I was monitoring the built-in connection meter from the Globe Tattoo software, I noticed a 1.8 MB signal spike. It was just a momentary spike so I didn’t pay it attention. Then I went through with the speedtest, I noticed that there was another BIG Signal Spike. This time, it was like 2.2 MBPS. Then the speedtest registered 2.2 MBPS.

Then I noticed that my download speed was good all of a sudden. It was pure joy and as I was high spirited about the sudden miracle, I tried to close my browser half expecting my download speed to drop. . . And it did!

Afterwards, I opened the Speedtest page again just to see if it was a valid discovery and it had a good effect. I left that page as it is until I finished downloading. Yeah, there were times when I still hit zero for a minute or two but then, I’ll just refresh the speedtest page and my speed recovers slowly from a 50KBPS to a 200KBPS then it peaks up again to 1.7-2.2MBPS.

I’ll conduct another experiment of this sort when I get more money for load. My Super Surf is about to expire at 9am. Lol!


After searching for ways to control my currently unnecessary vices (i.e. Drinking, Clubbing, etc. Unecessary because I don’t have the spending power anymore. Lol) I found that Ragnarok has been the only thing that could hold back my urges to go out. Plus Private servers are free so I only have to pay for my internet time.

Another point would be that Ragnarok would be the only MMORPG that would run well enough (but still with lags and all) with my current (lame) internet speed.

The first server which I got on was Intense Ragnarok Online. (iRO) Ok, everything was running smoothly. I was building up new online relationships. I even started a guild with a friend. We were gathering people in preparation to future Guild Wars.

But sadly, my stay in Intense was short lived since they had this Maintenance wherein they shut down for like a week or so. Then they needed players to download another 1.7 GB installer. (The first 1.7 GB installer I downloaded for like a month or so. I can’t wait that long.

I can’t have that so I looked for another server and I found Dreamer RO. It’s a high rate server. Faster levelling, insane drop rates. Custom pets, custom items. And the best part is that I only needed to download a small (300MB or so) patch to get me started. All I had to do was create a copy of my previous iRO installation and patch it with the Dreamer patch.

It was fun while it lasted but right now, I don’t think the server is holding up. They’re having frequent bug and everything. What’s depressing is that they have roll-backs every time the bugs happen since people normally abuse these bugs. It’s a shame since it was ranked #1 in the High Rate Server category.

Even though I’ve already started a new guild within Dreamer, I’ve decided it best to search for yet another server or maybe I’ll just search for people nearby who has copies of the new iRO installer.

Intense is up and running again so I guess it’s a better option. At least they don’t get bugs like the ones in Dreamer.

In the mean time, I’d have to fight all the urges while I wait for a good enough solution.


Are any Psychiatists reading this? Anyone offering free services? I feel I’m getting a case of depression and I’m broke so I can’t pay for professional services right now.

There has been a little movement in Tom’s Facebook. Please refer to the pic below. (Link within the pic. Just click it)

Compared to the earlier Screen Cap, he apparently changed his Profile Pic. The only reason for him not to be responsible for this is if he has other people to manage his Facebook which is most unlikely because if he was dead, they’d have posted something already or at least they won’t change the profile pic.

Having observed this, I hypothesize that he ain’t dead. Pissed off, most probably, but not dead.

So, for all the crying kids out there (Rhien, tahan na… Please. Buhay pa si Spongebob.), there’s always a reason to keep smilin’.

Lesson learned: Don’t ever believe in Rumors especially if it spreads from the Internet… most specially from Facebook.