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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Apparently, Tom Kenny, AKA the voice of Spongebob, has a Facebook Page. Yes, you heard that right.

Here’s the link

Apparently, his last post was Friday at 10:07 AM so whoever spread that rumor must’ve been tracking his Facebook. Lol!

And he’s not as young as he looks on his pic on the previous post. Lol!

Anyway, I think I’ll just keep checking out his page for new updates. If he posts new updates, he’s probably alive. If otherwise, well, the search goes on…. Lmao!


Has the voice of Spongebob really died or is this just a meme?

I was surprised to have read about this on Facebook but I always knew Facebook wasn’t as reliable a source for information as other websites so I did some flash research.

It turns out, that Tom Tom Kenny, the voice actor for Spongebob, has had suffered rumors like this one spread before.

If you’re an avid Spongebob fan, I suggest you stock up on certified original memorabilia because if the rumors are true, Spongebob Squarepants would only last for around two more weeks. (If you’re a resident of the Philippines, you need not worry much since there are no Original Memorabilia here as far as I know and also because we are being fed old canned cartoons. Y’know, to lower the rights acquisition costs a bit. They wait for it to sell lower, then the TV companies buy up. In the meantime, they show infinite reruns :D)

Some info from here.

Enjoy your weekend!

After suffering almost no internet access, I began to ponder whether I should still call it LAGSPIKES.

From what I understand, (and please do correct me if I’m wrong,) any normal internet connection encounters lagspikes. It is momentary pulses wherein you lose signal. If you got a good enough internet connection and you want to see what I’m saying, do a ping test on any valid IP address, especially foreign ones and you’ll see what I mean. You’re connected most of the time but you ocassionally get lagspikes. The part where the IP Address failed to respond momentarily but gets back to normal again.

Now, extreme lagspikes would involve you losing bandwidth within a long enough time for you to notice. E.g. when you suddenly get the “Page not Found” error message on your browser then you just refresh and it gets back to normal. That is still acceptable.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my actual graphical representation of a SIGNAL SPIKE. (Screen Caps captured the time I was writing this.)

Opposite to the LAGSPIKE, the signal spike is when you get nothing then get momentary access to the internet then nothing at all within the blink of an eye.

Uhh, could someone help me verify if the term “Signal Spike” actually exists? I wanna be sure if I wanna be rejoicing right now or not. 😀


Oh, and notice that I only get GPRS signals. Hey, the company promised speeds of up to 3 MBPS. Of course that was a maximum value. They never said that the minimum value was 0. Nyahahaha!

From the day we were born, we rarely put ourselves in others’ shoes. There are those who are fortunate enough to receive the gift of good health even up to ages past 60. Some say blessedness. Some say they’re just lucky.

I encountered my medical condition at an early age. Being Half-Crippled at one time and fully able at another is really a hard task to live with. I had to have a condition wherein I can’t even stand for a whole month for me to fully understand what it was like to be a real cripple and I was lucky enough to have gradually recovered although I still can’t run.

It amuses me every time people gawk at me in awe whenever I buy gas or water from the store foot brace attached. (Like as if they couldn’t lift the same weight? They’re just too lazy. That’s the point.)

I don’t think they’d believe I can’t run.

But that’s my point. It’s not how hard it is for you to get up but the fact that you can get up. Rejoice to the fact that you’re not disabled in any way. Even if you are partially disabled, there’s always a worse case.

This is what happened when I first saw her Blog. TACK (AKA KCAT) is someone worse off than me. I can say in full honesty that I am intentionally avoiding her blog at all costs. It’s part of my medical condition. The next time I cry may be the last. I had my heart removed for that purpose but there’s something in her that makes my eyes watery and then makes my chest hurt badly. I just had to avoid her blog after that. I love my life.

But don’t take it too seriously. It’s not that bad. Lol! (And if you’re interested, she’s on my Blogroll… I think.)

To imagine someone in her condition still fighting and supporting other people with medical conditions like hers and other cases unsimilar, that’s gotta take real spirit. She has been a beacon of light to those in her Blogroll.

Anyway, here’s my chance to help. I’ve no money to help her with her medication and all and I’m in a bit of a rough financial season (Yeah, my employer still sucks at paying up.) so I thought this would be the best way I can help her without actually spending anything. Lol!

If you have a heart, follow this link and vote for TACK. And I give you my sincere thanks for your time and for helping us out.

If you don’t have a heart, follow this link and vote for KCAT. You only need to vote once and I ain’t asking for money so VOTE!

And don’t give me the excuse of not being able vote because it’s too hard to figure out. Blogging and Facebook is even harder to figure out but you’re probably an expert already..

(Note: Pun intended only to those who refuse to vote. Nyahaha! I was not the one who nominated her so I am not in any way gonna earn any money by joining this campaign. I’m just helping. All prize money to be won by KCAT goes to KCAT.)

Now with more boredom and insanity to spare and less time to even sleep!!

Hurry while supplies last.


Promo may or may not be extended depending on my mood. If symptoms persist, consult a real doctor. I’m just a quack. If you’re actually considering this as a medical alternative, that’s your problem, not mine. Lmao!


Disclaimer: Despite the talk about me and Red Lips, nah, we’re just friends and she just got a job as an office clerk at a PNP office. XD And I stil failed to get her number. Lol!

Introducing the only internet service in the country (maybe even the whole world but I can’t be sure) who offers the unique unlimited service with a 1GB limit!!!

Yes, you heard that right. This is the only limited unlimited internet service you could ever find. It’s too good that other ISPs would soon surely follow suit.

Hurry! Maybe you could be lucky as me to have received this message. Remember, it’s not as easy as you think and only the best amongst subscribers can reach this 1GB limit and if you already did, we’ll we’ve both been had!!! Nyahahaha! Congratulations!


Note to other ISPs: If you want to offer me a good deal, please don’t hesitate to contact me especially if it involves a free plug-it from your company. I’d switch if I could only I lack the money to buy a new plug-it. And Globe, if you’re reading this, I already know Wi-Max sucks. Don’t try to offer me any temporary solutions… And tell your agent to stop hitting on my wife.