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I may have solved all our Pre-paid Globe Problems.


On the first time my account was suspended, I was informed it would be automatically lifted, if no real malicious/illegal activity is proven, after a month. I didn’t wait a month. Instead, I bought a new SIM and resumed my online life.


Recently, there has been trouble within Globe that left us unable to register to SuperSurf. Maester Dondz bought a new SIM and left his old one on reserve. It worked for him.


I, on the other hand, would not like to end up with a large stack of used SIM Cards so I did a little experiment. (Thanks to the Consultant Team Leader who graciously gave me a cash advance which aided me on this li’l project.)

First, I loaded my 2nd Tattoo SIM with 55 pesos. (50 for SuperSurf and 5 for the minimum maintaining balance. I still had 1 peso in the account.) Then I tried registering to Supersurf50. It failed so I let the wife access Facebook with it. Can’t let it go to waste. Hehehe.

Then I Loaded 60 pesos into my 1st Tattoo SIM to try if it would work. First try and it went smoothly like a stripper’s assets.

I’m on SuperSurf again!


So here’s what I’ve found out: Accounts flagged or banned from SUPERSURF gets automatically unbanned after a month. It took about two months before my 2nd account so I’d say we’ve got about two months to use a SIM until it gets banned then we just swap it with the reserve until the next two months. We may not really need to keep buying new SIMs. We just need to recycle. 😀


If all else fails, I’m sure we could figure something out. Lol!


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