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Having spent most of the last year with little or no income at all, (not counting all the debt acquired and  hardly paid) right now, I can’t help but feel (slightly) good that things are starting to go back on track.

However, relapses of my previous workaholism keep showing up. Three days of serious work was imediately followed by three days afffected with Flu. ROFL.

Right now, I’m feling lazy-ish. But at least this new project ought to provide well.

What tomorrow brings, I don’t know for certain. If they give me more contracts paying the same or better, I should be happy. But deep down inside, I’ve come to hate this line of work which I so loved way back then.

Maybe if they pay well enough, I could even consider working while on a hospital bed. >.<

JK. lol.

But it does suck that after all the efforts to get things started once more was originally intended for me to go back into RO…. then when I finally get a laptop and a working net, I’m too busy to even log in.

Sux to be me… but at least I’m not as hungry as I was a year ago.


Having spent most of my mental blocks playing RO, I have turned to become a ful-time RO Gamer. . . Until my hardware went KABOOM.

Then I realized I have REALLY neglected this blog.

So, in an effort to reunite my two passions in life, I worked out this ad exchange scheme. We all know extra ad spaces are valuable and we have been exchanging Blogrolls ever since. This time, we could maybe exchange ads with an RO Server.

How does this work:

To make it plain and simple, we’d have to first make an ad in the form of a loading screen (Those pictures we see in loading sequences i.e. whenever we move to another map). Then we review of this certain RO server. Ideally, it should be a decent review. Not some one liner “It’s a good RO server! TRY IT!” kinda thing. Once the Blog post has been verified, they’d insert our loading screen Blog Ads into their loading screen cycles.

Honestly, seeing the same set of loading screens could get boring especially if in cases like mine where I had to endure slow Net conditions constantly. Loading screens could take forever and something new to look at would definitely be welcome.

Details about it are still to be discussed in detail.

Please post your comments and/or suggestions. Or better yet, take a look at their forums at

Crawling ever so slowly back to the old work habits, reacquiring them one by one by retracing my steps through childhood and retraining myself as best I can. Oh, hellz yeah! Things can’t get better than this!

Yes! At the summit of all the bills and the financial slumps staring and poking from all directions, Sleep depravity due to all the deadlines at work and the ever so delectable change of diet, being limited mostly to Taters and Sweet P’taters replacing rice, due to the new ailment I’ve been diagnosed with. The Great News announced itself. ^_^

When the water bill finally came the first thing that came to her mind is to leave me and then come back only when I got money again. Hurrah! Definitely, things can’t get any better than this!


And that’s a fact. 😀


*Details would be available upon demand. :3

This just in, there is a new virus which may have been circulating around Facebook. I’m not sure about the severity of the case but right now, I feel relieved that I have installed KIS 2011. The proactive defense blocked and denied it even before I downloaded.

It would’ve really fooled me otherwise.

It was a post from my all-time favorite Camfrog Showgirl (Not saying whom, lol.) I’ll not go into the sketchy details to save all of you from all the technical info. It was a downloadable file attached which had a .scr suffix. I remembered .scr files were usually screensavers but this one was some kinda virus.

Of course, it could be a false positive but hey, better safe than sorry. ^_^

Finding myself in a situation wherein my contract is as good as expired, bills closing in and other stuff that demands income, I’ve started looking for alternatives to augment income. To get more cash rolling in.

I’ve found some ways so far. One of which would require me to keep clicking on ads, another, which would involve me setting up ads for Porn sites, Porn Cam Sites, etc.

The big question is this: If I do those stuff and find more sites where I could earn potentially enough to sustain a living… Is it possible? Could I really earn as much as I used to earn?

The other question is: Would people find it rather annoying to have a random porn site ad on my Blog? XD Since I think I can’t put up ads in WordPress without a paid subscription, maybe I could turn to somewhere else like Blogger. Or maybe some other Porn Dedicated Blog Sites.

Tell me what you think. ^_^

I just thought I’d post something about this.

A few people’s Yahoo accounts are suffering from this. It starts out as a link to a certain site sent by e-mail from one of your friends. I forgot the exact site since I deleted it at first sight. It’s a blank e-mail with nothing else but the link.

No matter what you do, do not click on the link.

A friend of mine whom I got the email from has just informed me that her Yahoo account can’t be accessed.

So, I think the virus replaces your password then sends those e-mails to everyone on the Address Book.

Just a heads up.


And on another note. It seems there is at least a fraud or a group of frauds circulating some messages on facebook. They will inform you that you have a common family name with one of his clients who recently died and would like you to be the one to claim all of his wealth provided that you two split the proceeds.

This one is a long con. They try to make you believe that they are really asking from you some important details and documents. And whenever you reply, they reply back.

The good thing is, they are too stupid to even manually compose the replies. The messages they reply with are pre created and are released in a series. Like they send you Message A, then you reply and they send you Message B. Then another reply from you then they send you Message C which requires an attachment with your Signature, claim to the dead man’s property, etc. Then they send message D.

What I did was I tried to play along just for fun and surprisingly, when I told them the family name on my facebook profile wasn’t my real family name, they still kept sending the replies. Lol. And yeah, I was asking questions he won’t answer. So, at first, it was fun, but later on, it got boring. It was like talking to a vending machine.

I’ll try to remember to get those messages and then maybe I can post them here. Let’s compare replies. Lol.


There is one basic thing that should be remembered when dealing with E-mail miracles… If it’s too god to be true, it ain’t.

I wouldn’t really want an emphasis on my sudden disappearance (Again) and my even more sudden (Re)return.

It’s just that… well, guess who’s back is aching like hell since two days ago. XD

Anyway, since I’m currently “sick” I’ve finally found the time to catch up on some stuff I’ve recently lacked the time for and I’m sorta like making a quick checklist of things to do.

First of all, I gotta work on writing stuff for and since a friend suddenly got into Blogging, and invited me to become another co-contributor for, I think I gotta work for an article or two.

Then I’d have to help advertising More players in the server would mean more in-game business opportunities for me. 😀 lol

And I do have to visit a lotta other blogs I used to stalk. I know y’all know who you guys are. Just wait for me. Kukulitin ko kayo hanggang magsawa kayo at ipagtabuyan nyo ‘ko. Nyahahahaha!

That being said, I think I’ma start working on the few items on the list. Maybe later on today, I could add some more. Well, maybe and maybe not. I may be too tired later to even read. Lol.

That does it. It is confirmed. I’m suffering from Old Age. (Old age at 29. Lmao.)


Ayt, see y’all later. Have fun on whatever fun stuff you wanna do. And cheers! Keep drinking. Do it for those who cannot anymore. ^,..,^

I still can’t barely believe did another all nighter at work. Yeah, went to the office yesterday morning and worked until 1am. Just got back. I can’t even recognize if I am feeling tired.

I remember back in my prime that I used to enjoy such all nighters. It was fulfilling every time a deadline is beat against all odds and I end up being the Office Hero. I used to take pride in such accomplishments. But now, I feel nothing.

It was as if the only consolation I get is that I get to skip Monday and just report to office at Tuesday. Could’ve been good if only work hasn’t taken Saturday and Sunday. XD

I guess this is how it feels to be a former workaholic. The stuff that used to give me a natural high is now getting another reaction from my system. Though there is one thing I’m wondering about. Will I be able to stand in the morrow when I finally wake up maybe around noon at the least. (If I could still find sleep.) Nowadays, it seems I could just anticipate a rheumatic attack so I won’t get as pissed as usual when it does happen. XD

Though at least I got one less problem to think about. One report finished. 35 more to go. XD (Then they get to review it and I get to do the reports all over again. Oh, JOY!!!

But I hafta admit, when I was into the prime of my grind, it felt really weird. It was as if the person working ain’t me anymore. It’s as if it was a totally different person and I’m just at the back watching him work. Really odd. XD Maybe I do lack sleep.

SO, here’s to hoping that once I get to log onto Kitsuno RO, I could at least get a good card from the hunts I’ll be doing… and that afterwards, I could finally get my well deserved sleep. ^.^

Err, I better log on immediately. I’m getting another strong urge to go out and head to the nearest Bar or Club. XD

I was supposed to post this a few days back but I guess I’ve been either too busy or too tired from work… Or at times, too sick and enduring full body pains that I can’t even get myself to type. XD.

I was on the bus ride to work when I came upon a sudden re-realization. Too bad I can’t just pull out my Laptop and start typing so I did the next best thing. I noted down some of the stuff going on in my head using an old phone’s notepad.

Basically, I’m going back to basics. I got my old phone back. (Room Mate was too tired of maintaining two phones so she let go of the 5-year-old Nokia 6600 which was originally mine and then passed hands between us countless times… Then I had it after that incident last year… But She had to insist on spending some of our last money on a 3,000 peso dual sim China Phone which doesn’t follow it’s own manual. But now, I got both the cheap over-priced phone and this old times. XD) I feel better using this old phone than the new crappy overtly expensive one. I only needed to do some minor Keyboard clean-up, and download a new ring tone wherein a choir sings a song with the lyrics having no other word than “Condom”. Now It’s all set. I don’t need a fancy phone anyway. I had a taste of the fancy lifestyle once but I had a good income and no bills to handle back then.

Now, my income is good enough. Not as good as it was before, but good enough and now, I get to have monthly bills. XD I even stopped using the large electric fan dedicated to the dining table turned work table and instead, turned to using a USB Fan just for the heck of saving energy. XD It would work like shiz by noon time being too hot that even the 5 inch fan can’t even make a difference but when it’s night time, it’s could get so cold that sometimes, I ever turn the USB Mini Fan off.

And since I had my old phone back, I remembered the time I acquired this phone. Back then I had this attitude. And I incidentally (Err, more like accidentally.) had the same hair style now that I had back then.

Back then, I was full of life since I haven’t yet been utterly abused by the companies I have worked for in the past five years. Yes, I was just starting out when I got this 6600. And I still do remember how I sacrificed my own well being for the sake of the companies I so dearly loved but didn’t love me back.

So now, I’m bent on doing some modifications. I am now stuck at an attempt to get a new perspective based on old principles. This time, I hafta remove those that fail to inspire me. (But no, I can’t remove my wife. Sadly. XD) 5 Years ago, I was full of dreams. Dreams for me and my wife. I guess that’s what pushed me into being a workaholic.

I can, therefore, I do. At the point that the wife was not really inspiring me anymore, I had a reason to keep pushing. And that was because I am the only one I know who can push that hard. I used to do it for those who can’t.

Four years after I started, I may have reached my peak. I was the best encoder there ever was. I have been a trainer for new and incoming encoders. The salary and rank didn’t really raise that well but among the ranks, I was. More like Raising the level of work but not the title and the Pay. They bribed me with regular employment so I just hafta take it. Who wouldn’t.

But that promise wasn’t kept as I have been laid off unjustly. I think I’ve discussed this on a previous post so I’ll cut it right here and proceed with the topic at hand.

Back then, I had reasons to do what I did. I had a reason to push… And I noticed the reasons always involved other people. Because they’re depending on me… Because my wife needs to have enough funds for her medication… Because the project needs to be finished.

Right now, I have lost all those reasons. My physical body is at a point of crumbling down. I’m already burned out. I could work for two days at less than half the pace I used to work with and then I’ll be sick for a week. The wife doesn’t want me to work anymore… which is kinda stupid since we need money now more than ever. So, that’s not really inspiring. Thinking of bills ain’t as inspiring either.

So, I’ve come to a realization that first and foremost I gotta turn around and do things for myself for a change. No more “For the sake of those who can’t Bullcrap”. Plainly “I can’t” anymore so I think this is a good time to be a bit selfish. The corporate leeches has leeched more than enough blood from mine veins for me to give a damn nor to care.

Another point is that I’ve been purposely holding myself back from going out plainly because I no longer have enough earning capacity for that. I plan to get around that by finding more ways to enjoy but I gotta make sure it stays within budget. Somehow, RO and Camfrog ain’t cutting it good enough. I need to get out and have a drink where the ambiance is relaxing.

But running the numbers in my head, this part has to wait. I guess I’m gonna be stuck with RO and Camfrog for a while. Well, maybe I could add Youtube into the list. XD

But another problem arising within me as of late is the fact that I’m getting more urges than I ever was. Holding myself back is taking a toll im my constitution. I usually find myself with strong desires at night. (Too bad the RoomMate is Frigid. And BTW, Wifey=RoomMate. I just got myself to referring to her as such since the role she is playing right now is more on that of a RoomMate. She cooks, she washes the clothes, the does all the cleaning up but She won’t ever take care of me when I’m sick and when I need a woman the way every man needs one, I got a guaranteed fail chance so I might as well just stick to flirting online. Yeah, flirting IRL would cost real money so I can’t at the moment. XD) So I gotta find another way to unleash those pent-up desires before it gets to a harmful level. (Yes, gentlemen, Blue balls hurt worse than hell and can turn the most modest man into a beast filled with lust. And yes, the weird thing about abstinence is that even the girls who look bad could look hot while you’re in a frenzy. XD and that’s a major OUCH!)

Then I’ll hafta work on getting back the edge I lost. I’ve been trying some mental exercises to get back part of it but I still ain’t content. I used to work way better than this.

Also, it would have helped if I had something to aim for again so I thought of aiming to own a car again… But sadly, even as I was just suggesting it to Roomie, she just brushed it aside saying “We don’t need that.” (Anyone offering free annulments? XD Nah, just kidding.)

So… maybe I’ll just focus on getting my wrist and finger dexterity back. I’m really gonna need that for RO. It’s about time I focus on getting stronger at that game. XD I’ve been too long in it to still insist that I’m a noob. (Which I clearly still am at any angle.) Besides, I could really use the lost dexterity for faster typing speeds.

And right now, I gotta focus first on the task at hand. See y’all later. I gotta finish this report before day’s end. XD

I find it truly amazing how one with insomnia can be at one point sleepy then become fully awake and sleepless the moment one lays down to sleep.